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    I think he would be private for out of area patients

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bmg253 View Post
    Is he a private physio or NHS? Chichester's a bit far to go from Tooting! I may look at a sports injury clinic if I have to wait too long for the NHS.
    There's an excellent sports injury clinic in Wimbledon village. I tore my knee ligaments a few years ago snowboarding and they got me sorted - they used to do the England Rugby team so had seen a few injuries in their time!
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    Hi BMG,
    I think i have done mine - SUP in October, i think holding onto the paddle while wiping out did it. I havent been to a doctors yet, but there is quite a good physio i go to in Clapham North - Balance physio who are quite good. about 60 a session.

    other ones are Paul goss body logic battersea and Toby at Recentre in Balham and ...

    good luck
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    I tore a tendon about 50% which luckily did not detach and took about a year of physio to get mostly back and 2 years to be 100%. I managed to keep sailing Consultant said if fully detached he would have to operate and takes several years before you can fully load again, so avoid damaging moroe.
    A good physio can help recovery and it is crucial as it is a complicated joint and can heal offset bringing problems later.
    I did tell consultant I sailed for several days afterwards (on holiday and could not lift arm to boom but developed a swing to get it there) and expected to be told off. He was unconcerned as long as I did not strain the injury (I could pull but not push).
    Someone mentioned frozen shoulder which was explained to me as there is a bag of fluid lubricating the joint and that can dry out. The cure is to inject saline which works 70% first time and 70% second time for first-time failures. Worked for me.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions and advice. I'm going to get some private physio ASAP. Being 65 I can't afford to wait for the NHS (although they were great when I last had physio in the 90s) so I guess it's worth it!

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    'Preventative' maintenance exercises (see U tube) of the rotator cuff don't take long, but you never know if you've prevented any problems or not. Reading this thread makes me think they are a good idea not just for body builders and climbers, but for ws too.

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