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    If the pro version is actually better than the blade it must be great. What you wrote about omnipresent force is a also how my blades feel. It's like I'm only off the plane the few times I decide to wait for something half rideable. From exiting tacks it's just a second before I plane. I know some seriously good wave sailors that uses the standard blades so I guess they won't slow my progress.
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    Looks like all pro versions are built by Albus Dumbledore. I knew it. 5.3 sails like 5.7 and is invisible in the hands. :-)

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    I would say the Wizard from Ozz

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    So I have 2015 5.3 Pro and I just picked up another 5.0 Pro second hand and they make a fine sexy pair of sails. While I am admiring them my mate says, "What happens when you need to replace a panel?"
    Hmmmm....good point!? Do I need to get my own 3D printer to make replacement panels?...
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    I have the same two sails!

    They make a gutsy pair.

    I also find you can downhaul the 5.0 one notch more than it says on the sail – only when you need full top end.
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    Does anyone have an actual (not theoretical :-) experience of the comparative feel of the S1 regular and the s1 pro's when they were the same outline in 2015 and 2016

    My experience of the blade pro and regular matches the findings mentioned in the thread being very different beasts in wind range and pull. Interested if same goes for the S1 - thx

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ian Fox on a Fox, with what may be a pro model NCX or similar? It's not in the 2017 range, but may be beyond?

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