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    some info on the 2018 S-1 Pro's in comparison to the 2016 models:

    seems that Ben Severne improved the thickness/durability with the 2018 Dyneema Hyperspider
    also the tuning range is improved
    for those who may not read all of the nice review in seabreeze, here an excerpt that may explain some factor regarding the improvement in range - at least for the S-1 Pro's:

    "The main differences I can see and feel compared to the 2016 model are:
    The clew is lower (I think the boom cutout on the luff for the boom reaches lower too).
    They have a huge tuning range this year. If I set the sail as I would my 2016 model (loose leach across 1/3 of top panel maximum), it would have more bottom end power/grunt. Interestingly, the 2018 sails also seem to like more downhaul and outhaul tension too, giving them better top end! Therefore with the new sails, you can get away with hanging onto one sail longer and tune for the changes in the conditions more than before
    Physically picking up the sails they feel a little heavier (still way lighter than anything else on the market, the 5.6 weighing in at 2.7kg, lighter than most 3.6 sails....), and when rolling the sail it feels thicker. This is a positive point as it means the sails must be stronger with more of the special Hyperspider fibres and maybe an increase in film thickness?"

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    I looked at some 2018 S1 Pros on the beach in Cape Town and thought: They have not changed much from my 2016 versions.

    But the changes are probably subtle.

    I know the 4.8 and 4.4 inside out and would soon notice any change or differences in setting if I fitted a new version on my existing Severne masts.
    (Wish I could afford a whole new set, but that's unlikely).
    Now back in the UK.

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