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    I've got blades, 3.3 through 5.3, love them. They feel so well balanced and sophisticated. I've only managed to break one of them in 2 years too, so they must be pretty tough on top of it all.
    what masts are you using?
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    The price difference alone is indeed leading me to the standard Blade 5.5.

    But, with reference to our earlier conversation here, I just wondered of the Blade Pro might be more gutsy, and so the 5.3 Pro might in this case end up with the same power as a standard Blade 5.5 , whilst being lighter and a better fit on a 4m mast.

    And I'm secretly excited by the idea of a sail that weighs just 2.8kgs in a 5.3 even though I know that the way a sail feels in the hands is something else.

    But: Sail 2.8kgs + Mast 1.3kgs + boom 2kgs + extension 0.5kgs = 6.6kgs rig total (plus harness lines). That's gotta be great for marginal winds and for pumping etc.
    You might want to check current availability of the Blade Pro. This could make your mind up for you as to which sail to go for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrispavlo View Post
    and why is the luff length of the Blade 5.3 Pro specified 426cm compared to the 432cm of the same size standard model?

    and message to the testclones (Adrian?):
    it was unfair to give the statement that the whole testteam prefered the standard Blade, without giving any glue why!

    In the end, mostly out of inquisitiveness, I have ordered a Blade Pro in the 5.3 size. It'll be interesting to read what Boardseeker say, when they get around to it.
    But you'll also get a real world review from me at some point, when I've tested the sail.

    With a Severne RDM100 mast, my rig weight should be as follows.

    Sail 2.8kgs
    Mast 1.3
    Boom 2.0 (Amex wave pro)
    Extension 0.5 (Chinook carbon)

    Total 6.6kgs (Plus harness lines)

    I brought an older North sail back from Cape Town for a friend and had to weigh that when packing for the plane. It was a North Ego, and that was a surprisingly-heavy 4.7kgs in the size I had.
    With most C100 masts weighing 1.7kgs or more, and with many booms weighing near 3kgs and typical mast extensions weighing 0.8kgs, you can see how a rig with older gear tips the scales at 10kgs+

    So there's one immediate advantage of splashing the cash here – a 30%+ reduction in all up rig weight. I'm not convinced you'll notice that on the water, but at least carrying it there will be easier.

    I'm also not expecting this Pro Blade to perform exactly as the regular Severne Blades. How could it? The panel layout is completely different and the materials used are different. It's no surprise to me that the downhaul and boom length settings are different.
    The marketing focuses on the 'HyperSpider' fabric technology whilst sidestepping the issue that the seams have been reduced so the sail must be assembled in a different way. Looking at the sail in photos, it must have its shape induced via good old-fashioned broad seaming which must be behind the batten pockets, and then the rest of the sail dynamics will come from the luff curve working with the mast (as with all rigs).

    It's difficult to quantify what part the materials used actually play in this sail. Conventional sail material is often equally strong in all directions and is used to fill the sail panels between a framework of key seams and strengthened load lines. What the 'Hyper Spider' fabric is supposed to do is to take these loads within the cloth itself, with the direction of the cloth fibres optimised for the loads found in that part of the sail. What that then does it to maximise the strength of a panel for the material used – supposedly to give a stronger and lighter sail.
    But I'm guessing a lot of the weight reduction in these pro sails comes from the loss of seams (where materials overlap, and where batten pockets are overlaid onto a sail panel) as much as it's from the cloth being a lighter scrim in terms of weight per square metre.

    And the way these HyperSpider panels respond under load will also be different too. So it's very unlikely the sail will feel the same as a conventional Blade.

    What we do know is that top sailors seem to be using them to great effect – so they clearly work for them. Whew.
    I'll post again with a proper review, when I've got a better idea what the different feel is about. I'm surprised there are so few reviews of this kit so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    The panel layout is completely different and the materials used are different. It's no surprise to me that the downhaul and boom length settings are different.
    for most sizes the specs are within 1 cm difference, just the spec for the 5.3 size differs!

    i was interested since i also considered a Blade Pro in 5.3 and i would like the shorter 426cm spec more compared to the 432cm of the standard version.
    not sure if it is a typo on their web specs, though...
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    Sorry if this has been asked / answered before, but Basher do you know if Blades would work OK on Tushingham (white) masts ? If yes, then I might well replace my Rocks with Blades, one-by-one as they wear out. If no, then I'll stick with Rocks.

    It will be interesting to read how much better you find the Blades over Rocks. I've no doubt that they are better than Tush, but how much better vs the extra price.
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    don't forget, there's also the S-1, a very allround sail with a huge windrange!

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    SB, hi.
    I still like my Rocks but, after ten years or more, I felt like a change (and the colours of the Rocks have not been changed for two years).

    I am also using Rocks on some Amex masts, which are not as soft top as the Tushingham RDM white masts. But then those Tushy masts themselves were/are not as soft top as the original SDM Tushy masts were. I went on the Tushingham site the other day to check what bend curve they were, only to find the Tushy RDM masts have changed again, and are now black, with bend curves not yet on line.

    My Amex masts are said to be constant curve, with a tendency towards softer top, but with a bend curve rating of 13. I think they are actually constant curve.

    I have only just got my Blades so can't yet say if their performance is acceptable on Tushy masts, but you would expect the head to fall away a bit too early with a softer top mast, and that would lose you wind range for the sail.

    As it is, I find the Blades rig very acceptably on my Amex masts to look at, so I'll be testing further.
    I have bought a Severne mast in the 4m length to give a proper test of these sails, so I'll report back.

    What I often find is you can go off road with your mast match to a sail, and what you sometimes get is acceptable, by using different downhaul settings etc. And then sometimes the match is actually better.
    I went to the Amex Supermodel masts, because the 4m length only weighs 1.45kgs. My 5m Rock sets like a dream on that.

    I've just boasted that my new 5.3 Blade Pro rig will weigh in at 6.6kgs. But my 5m Rock on the Amex mast was less than a kilo heavier than that.
    So, sadly, these new sails are unlikely to turn me into Philip Koster or Moritx Mauch.
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