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    Quote Originally Posted by boards_Tomas View Post
    When the multis first appeared most people agreed that we could now use bigger volume boards. Most people also agreed that this was a good thing. Now looking at say the current starboard kode waves the volume to width ratio seems to have decreased a lot, with for example the 72 litre being 56 cm wide. That's the same width as my 80 litre kode single from 2012.
    I don't think this opening statement is correct, and in general widths vary a lot and are not all getting wider
    2004 evo
    74L 56cm wide, 80L 58cm wide, 92L 62cm wide

    2015 Kode wave
    72L 56cm wide, 82L 58.5cm wide, 92L 62cm wide

    So starboards have always been relatively wide.

    While other brands haven't been getting wider at all
    2015 JP Radical Quad
    75L 54.5cm wide, 83L 56.5cm wide, 94L 59cm wide a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    Tail widths measured by OFO is not a very good indication since by making even very small changes to the very tail (for appearance) the OFO may move back and forth and have width there will change radically even if the actual tail area is not influenced. See my post for examples.

    I do think that tail widths (or rather tail area) have gone down in relation to total widths. To take the EVO comparison again: EVO 75 (2005) was 56cm with a 36.4 tail. EVO 80 was 58/39.8. The closest Simmer board would be the Quantum. A Q75 is 56.5/34.8 and an Q85 is 58.5/36.3. Even later EVOs started to get a bit pinnier though. Looking more at starboard, a "classic" Acid 88 from 2005 was only 56cms wide (rather parallel outline though) with a 36.2 tail. So a rather "modern" tail width in fact. (It is a whopping 25cm longer than a Quantum 85 though...)
    Ola H.

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    I mentioned tail width on another thread recently, as like a few others have here, its important. So why don't manufacturers put it on their websites? Starboard and Witchcraft do, so whats the excuse for everyone else? Even the windsurfing mags don't publish it in their tests like they used to, although they might mention it in the writeup that a board is wider/narrower then the others.

    Edit, Ola would have to get in just before me as I was typing wouldn't he
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    Quote Originally Posted by rod View Post

    2015 JP Radical Quad
    75L 54.5cm wide, 83L 56.5cm wide, 94L 59cm wide
    The ThrusterQuad 73 is 55.5 though.

    But yes. Widths vary also within every "board generation". Simmer 85-88 liter wave boards range from 56.4 (Fly85) to 59.8 (Frugal 88)
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    The thing with Starboard is that there is a wide selection, excuse the pun, to choose from.

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    Even though my opening statement was not (entirely) correct (@rod ), I have received lots of interesting replies. By the way I sailed the 05 evo 74 a lot. Being a believer Boards editor Ian Leonard in the early Y2K's and coming from 53-54 wide boards, going as wide as 56 seemed crazy at first. Later I found out that the board turned great - although differently - and behaved better in chop than anything I had then sailed. The only problem was the low volume and high rocker for a then relative beginner on small boards in crappy winter conditions. It wasn't much fun in anything other than a very constant 4.5 weather or more.

    My question however was whether multies are getting wider. And perhaps it's especially the kodes that are recently becoming super wide. So maybe I should rather have asked what size kode wave could work well for me in strong but not neccesarily good conditions considering that with the full winter gear I'm probably comparable to a 83 kilo sailor in a regular summer outfit. And what size could be recommended for the fanatic triwave? (Going for the biggest size in the range would feel strange I guess.)

    My dacurve and the newwave are both 57.5 max and nominally 85 and 86 litres respectively. And even though I have only sailed the latter one time I have a strong feeling it sails at least one half size smaller. So volume distribution is clearly important. I do however also understand OlaH point about OFO width beeing an unreliable measurement - especially when tails tend to come in all different shapes. (The dacurve and newwave are both pintailed but it's easy to see that the latter is both narrower and less voluminous.)

    Regarding the kode and the size of the champion I can easily see that reserve volume (did it again - and yes I did read the Alphie-thread) is not in high demand for a very skilled sailor in a place like pozo and probably not for myself either. But up north and in the unwavy part where I live, trying to hunt down something resembling a wave involves some extreme far-outing and on days often without even a boat or dogwalker to be seen (wouldn't have seen you anyway but...). People may think pozo is hard core. I'd say wintersailing up here is a lot worse. Not because it's technically difficult. But because I rather be washed up on a rock within minutes than having to try & and swim for hours after something (!) has broken. Or - and more relevant to this thread - trying to sail miles downwind with only some shifty puffs left after the wind has turned over land.

    Back to the question of sizing, perhaps even a 60 something cm twin may indeed feel plenty loose in turns. I have only tried a couple of quads in the bigger sizes (then with bigger volume too) and have felt that the boards have been turning my feet more than the other way. Perhaps I should also mention the spere thruster 85 something that I tried in Pozo which didn't really like chop and felt stiffish even with a 20 cm drake natural in the center. Should add that the sphere is markedet as something similar to a FSW so perhaps not very relevant.

    Now back to - erhm - some other pressing issue
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    A few weeks back myself and a friend put three boards next to each other - fanatic triwave 103, starby quad 100 and Witchy i think was 98.
    Was really interesting to see the totally different plans and rails and rockers....and all within 5 liters.
    The starby 100 was the narrowest and looked tiny compared to the others. The Witchy the widest. The triwave the thickest.

    Im still trying to find that special board for that provides sufficient width for float and my crap technique when there is no / gusty wind.... yet the tail and width still allows easy DTL turning better than say a Sup equivalent.

    i need to go to Ola's board design school to get the skinny!

    (sfunny when i see people here posting pictures of their flaot and ride boards and it looks pretty windy to me...i wonder how many people outside places like W France, Portugal and West UK actually get to do float n really not being a snob - i wish we got more just not sure it happens on Sth coast for example?)
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