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Thread: Fanatic Stubby

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    SB, I think you can make a very short board sail pretty normally so it will depend on the rest of the shape. I think one of the potential advantages of these boards is to have a fast rocker and the turning comes from the compact shape. That has been the approach Jon has taken with my compact moos. My big moo at 215x63 sails pretty normally when blasting but wave rides as if way smaller than you would think. I think this also answers JGs question about FSW boards of this type. It is definitely possible and can give you a great all round board. It will just depend on where each manufacturer wants to take the concept.
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    I think that only someone that rode both can say. And I did not ride the Fanatic. There can be so much going on in such a shape that is it very difficult to predict how it will sail. IN the early days of thinking about the Frugal I was thinking of a more square nose, but since I a basic idea with the Frugal from the start was to make a performance board, I rather went for a rather drawn in nose with a wider center to create power in the turns but stil have the nose out of the way in tight turns and tight waves.

    A more Vanguard style concept like the Fanatic instead uses a straighter mid section in the outline. This allows a lot of rail line but also narrower center. This is quite different to the Frugal (which in Surfboard terms would be more like the Firewire Tomo).

    But without knowing the rocker and rails it's very difficult to say more.

    Here is a drawing of a vanguard style shape I was working on together with a Frugal. In this case center width is equal, but perhaps a better comparison would be to let nose and tail be similar and compare with wider Frugal.

    The Frugal is also a board with a lot of rocker in it. We have a faster rockered version ready that might go into production. That board feels far more normal in "regular sailing", particularly when underpowered, than the Frugal.
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    I've seen the Stubby in the flesh too. I thought it looked more like a freeride board with the nose cut off than a wave board. The rails are more parallel than on a wave board but I guess chopping the nose makes it more manouevrable.

    The Stubby was actually inspired by kite board design. I believe the Fanatic guys met the North Kiteboarding guys in Cape Town in 2013 and were inspired by one of their designs.
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    I think they are a bit to long
    the point of TOMO style design is to go much shorter and narrower. old time shortboards were 6+, newish is more like 5-11 x 18 1/2 and thomson is on 5-1 x 17 3/4 vader with the planning area about the same....
    if boards like frugal are about 220 roundtail with 10 cm of the tail chopped off, with wider square nose the lenght should drop down very close to 2 meters or even under...

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    Exciting developments.
    It will be interesting to see if these boards can attain good all round performance.
    I have tried frugals and black boxes but can't justify them within a constrained quiver myself. I haven't seen many being used by English sailors either.

    Maybe be we are all happy with our groove riding single fins?
    /ducks for cover........

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    Here's a new vid of the new Fanatic Stubby board in action, featuring Klaas Viget, and filmed in Cape Town.

    (Also in the Gossip of The Day thread)
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    Plus there's now a news story on the Boards' news pages.
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