There isn't much to report. Less than ideal conditions. I ummed and ahhed about sail size. Eventually taking a 5.6 as the wind often dies towards sunset. But this is winter, and SE wind is rare here. But it got windier. Also, the impact zone was far lighter than further out and although always cross offshore with a SE at Lagoon Beach, it was gusting a lot of easterly, not good. Got on, did not plane, gust came through, on the plane, jumped a small wave immediately (small waves maybe a metre at most) and the gust was very offshore but too late as it threw me into an involuntary forward loop, which resulted in a face first landing. Anyway, the 5.6 proved to be a touch much with it gusting 30 knots at times. Otherwise the board was quick to plane, easy to sail, and I did note how close to the mast one sails, which is great. The 18cm fin spun out a few times but that's expected with such a big sail. It jumps very easily. One thing which amazed me was that it could actually wave ride. The old freestyle board was a dog on a wave, but I managed to bottom turn and cutback with ease. But to summarise, I really cannot say as it was more about survival and doing a few big chop hops, small wave rides and gybes. No more wind for the week. Enjoy, and good luck with the decision Oh, I am still glad I upgraded, the wider, thick, short board will make finishing off low speed moves much easier, for sure.