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    Quote Originally Posted by lostboy View Post
    All this bullshit about techniques is just a bluff for covering the fact that what you need to do is maximise speed
    But isn't all this technique stuff about 'how' to maximise speed upwind?

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    We might ask the question: What is the fastest way to get to Cornwall?, and the answer might be: "Get a fast car."
    In reality, the fastest way to get to Cornwall will depend on the route you choose and on weather and the time of day you choose to travel, as much as it's about engine capacity or about your willingness to put the foot down.

    Getting upwind is similarly varied and subtle. A good sailor, naturally fast or not, will have some analysis about what he does to get upwind efficiently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SS20 View Post
    But isn't all this technique stuff about 'how' to maximise speed upwind?
    In simple terms no. Its actually very simple, bear off go as fast as the kit and conditions allow (assuming you aren't a complete muppet and have a half capable set of skills ie planing and equipment) then bring it up as high as you can without sacrificing much speed.

    I'm a dedicated GPS sailor and the main thing that I do differently is that I sail much more agressive angles regardless of kit or windspeed than the average sailor I meet at the beach. My GPS tracks tell the tale very clearly after almost every session of how aggressive I've been upwind and downwind and that always reflects in my speed results. Speed is your freind and if you want to get the best out of your kit in any condition you need to be hitting the max potential speed for you, on that kit on that day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SS20 View Post
    But isn't all this technique stuff about 'how' to maximise speed upwind?
    Nope. As I said, have a good look at as many different sailors as you like and you'll see many, many different ways of making it work. As usual it's the "one size fits all" type rubbish that's being trotted out on here and missing the main point - which is that if you want to go upwind when planing then the more speed the better!

    So feel free to explain Basher, exactly how a good sailor will get upwind on the plane slowly. Talk us through the physics defying technique that will allow them to generate lift.
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    Some boards just don't have good upwind capabilities.

    I had freestyle board with a 18cm fin that charged upwind. On the other hand I have had a waveboard that just couldn't go more than a few degrees upwind.

    I am now on a thruster setup and the thruster fin's have an enormous impact on the upwind capabilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    Let's not turn a thread about how to go upwind better into an evangelistic thread about what kit you think others should be on.

    The reality is we all have the boards we have and we will sail them in a variety of conditions, fully powered or otherwise. The key is then to have the technique and mental ability to get upwind in any conditions.

    The 'key' has very little to do with mental ability, and beyond a novice level, not much about technique either. If we're talking proper light winds (up to 10 knots, or Bft3 in old money) - then neither is going help you much.

    You either need to set your expectations appropriately, accepting the long slog and resisting the temptation to foot off with a gutless gust to lose whatever ground you have made; or you need the right tool for the job. Simples.

    That then provides two options:

    1) Formula width / ultra light wind kit.... be prepared to be schooled in technique here

    2) a daggerboard and water line length... without question more forgiving

    No technique is going to get a Firemove, or an AtomIQ upwind effectively in less than 10 knots compared to these two options. That's just physics.... a kid in an optimist dinghy will have double the upwind VMG of a freemove board, probably more to be brutally honest.

    Free move boards are great as a planing board, but in light winds forget mowing the lawn on them.... probably best to stick to shoreside freestyle etc.
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    The thread title and opening post are pretty clear in what is being asked.
    So the answer to sailing a Firemove upwind better is not "get a daggerboard" or "buy a dinghy" or "don't bother" etc.

    I note too, that this thread is in the technique section.
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