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    Hi Guys

    We have just released a new video.
    I hope this helps you guys.


    Our new getwindsurfing top tips video for the forward loop with some great training exercises.

    And our older video with more examples on flatwater

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    That's a great video Phil. With those tips I may become the first ever windsurfer to loop before they can carve gybe!

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    My attempts from Saturday, any advice appreciated!

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    You're pretty close already, pretty good attempts. Main thing that I'd concentrate on is moving your front hand further back and then getting your backhand further back too, so you can rotate faster and easier. Last attempt is also really good where you bend your front elbow before sheeting in, makes it much easier to get the rig forward and across. Few more attempts and you'll have them.

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    Ok thanks, I was concentrating on trying to get the rig across my body more on the last few attempts. The GoPro is great for analysing as everything happens very quickly. Hopefully I'll get another go at it tomorrow!

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