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    I found a video of the Bolt

    Jump warranty?

    There is a very good writeup of the Bolt here.

    I cant add much to that after my short sail today other than to say when I initially read the website about the board I was a little put off by a couple of things;
    The all new Bolt’s rocker has an almost continuos flat section from behind the mast all the way to the back, with the lightest release off the tail for unlimited speed and acceleration

    with barely enough comfort to jibe and go through real life chop

    After seeing it today the rocker line is very flat in the centre line of the board quite far forward but in front of the straps it quite a deep V & double concave. The footpads are 2 part and quite comfortable, plus with the strap on the outboard holes, the feet are on the rails. So alls good. Overall the board is quite low rockered but even with an 8.5m and the stock 42cm fin it rides off the fin.
    Coming soon are 2 more sizes:
    125l*76cm*240cm 44cm fin r-s-s 6.0 - 9.0m
    135l*80cm*242cm 46cm fin r-s-s- 7.0 - 10.0m
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    I took my bolt 115 out last week on lake Bala nicely powerd up with my 8.1 turbo, it is awesome!.I'm considering selling my Atom 100 and getting either a 95 or 105 bolt but am waiting to demo when Andy can arange (Robin Hood)

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