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Thread: Skin cancer

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    Tragic news, I feel for him and his family.

    Please, please take note of this everybody, the risks can so easily be reduced with simple and sensible sun care. It's never too late to change habits.
    Right now the sun is at its strongest in the UK, just because it's only 16c, the strength is still the same and so is it damaging effects.
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    Thats very sad news

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    really sad, for him and all of his friends and family

    I've just nagged my nearest and dearest into getting some of his moles checked out, although it's taking a while to get up the chain of specialists.

    Do it sooner, rather than too late chaps. My bro' lost the top of one of his ears after I spotted a wrong 'un, so it now has a rather fetching 'snipped off' look, but better to check than let it get out of control.

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