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    If the UK leave,s the EU ? will it effect windsurfing kit prices ?

    Ok guys i think the forum is pretty boring at the moment ? , you can only talk mast booms & places for so long then you feel like biting your fingers off in boredom . So lets talk EU , If we in the UK leave will it effect windsurfing kit prices etc ?. And will it effect you personally ?. Discuss please .

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    Straight in the sin bin for this tread.

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    That will depend on wether as we leave we negotiate a free trade agreement, which would be in everyones interest, in which case nothing will change.

    But if as threatened by the German minister the other day, trade barriers and tariffs start springing up everywhere, then things might get difficult for manufacturers of unbreakable boards on the canary islands and board breaking numpties might have to look locally for their unbreakable rides.

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    the price of kit will go up if the UK leaves the EU, the price of kit will go up if the UK stays part of the EU. The retail price of kit will always go up.
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    The important question is will pies still go up? We need all that butter from the EU mountain for our puff pastry. If limits are placed then we may have to resort to shortcrust pie tops. Fray Bentos will surely struggle.

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    As a British national living in Spain, of course it would affect me if the UK votes to leave the EU. It's not clear exactly how, but it's fairly clear that it wouldn't make life any easier. My Uk state pension would be affected for a start. I'm not working in Spain, but the Brits that have businesses here could be much worse off if we leave. You could find a million ex pats being forced back to the UK, unemployed, and dependent on social security. Perhaps not something that those who want to leave have taken into consideration.

    Needless to say, I'm strongly in favour of staying in, for lots more reasons than my own personal circumstances. I think it would be an extremely stupid, negative, insular move to leave. So, VOTE TO STAY IN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phill104 View Post
    The important question is will pies still go up? We need all that butter from the EU mountain for our puff pastry.
    There's more than enough spare dairy capacity in the UK. David and Ruth are about to upgrade their dairy herd at Brookfield. I'm sure they'll produce some lovely butter for our pies. Trade with Uruguay should not be adversely affected by a Brexit.

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