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    Quote Originally Posted by jknhismassivevan View Post
    What do you think the new RRD is going to do for you that the Kode doesn't? I think you are too blinded by marketing hype and have way too much internet time, spend more time on the water and less time doing the "what if? but? maybe?" though process about change. Until you have sailed a board at least 20 times in the conditions its intended for!!!! (at your skill level - no offence meant!) you really will not have worked out what the board can do for you never mind rig changes and the move between carbon and ally booms, they all have an effect.

    You genuinely seem to want advice but are your listening as much to forumites who have no commercial interest as you are to marketing/shop speak (I know its their job and I don't blame them for doing it - caveat emptor!!!)
    what do I think it could do??? OK?.. Here's a theory, just throwing it out there, converting to trifin mode with some K4s would slow it down in choppy conditions... Thus I eouldn't need to change down to an 85/86L board as soon, in fact, I wouldn't even need one.

    This is about reducing inventory, even if there is a marginal performance / perfect set up loss. As you say, I don't have much time to actually get on the water, so reducing choice makes things more hassle free. (internet is easy to multitask with work and family commitments, learning to duck less so...)

    Edit: I had 7 boards at one point and over ten sails depending on what type of windsurfing I wanted to do...... essentially a 'coastal quiver' and an 'inland quiver', then mixed over freeride / blasting stuff and more wave/B&J orientated kit.

    It's just too much and whilst I am happy to have got down to 2 FSWs and a SUP, if I can get that down to 1 FSW and a SUP then all's the better. I also don't want future vehicle choices to be governed by this sport, if I can get my windsurfing kit in the back with the seats down and a SUP on the roof, then that's perfect.... especially if the forecast means the SUP stayed in the garage anyway. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan Adam View Post
    It still is.....but its mine now!
    and you're making great use of it.... FWIW, I'd probably get the 110 if I were to get another one, but the RRD is cheaper than a Chakra by quite a bit, so might as well try it first at these demos coming up.
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    I have the 94 Kode. Inboard straps and crossover sail plus small fin makes it an ideal b&j board or even small waves. 3 or 4 strap configuration more outboard, larger fin and freeride sail and it is a good fast blaster. That said it does not have the wind range of my 108 Wide freeride which will work with anything from 5.8 to 7.3 and will handle choppy conditions as well as anything out there. The Kode works best with 5m to 6m but would take a 6.3 if required. The 108 is only a few cms longer than the Kode, albeit a fair bit wider.....what is wrong with a roofrack/quiverack if you want to use a saloon car?
    If I was going to reduce my quiver to one board to cope with most wind and conditions I would just have the 108 Wide freeride........just as flexible but a bit more hardcore in stronger conditions is the 107 Isonic which will work with 6.3 to 7.8 ( limitless top end with the right sail). A similar size Futura will do mostly the same thing but with more forgiveness and ease. I reckon if you want to reduce your quiver you need to go for a main board that is plug and play with a huge wind range and focus on medium strength winds which is mostly what we get outside the storm season. Last year from May to October I used the 108 for probably 90% of my sessions with one of two sails, the other 10% being a 127 Isonic with a 7.8.

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    Food for thought.... I guess the big question is how versatile specific FSWs can be? I found the 3S was much more blasting orientated, whereas a Chakra was far more geared up for onshore / cross-on trashing I usually go for when heading to Avon/Monks/Hayling etc.

    The Kodes kind of sit somewhere in between and I'd not be unhappy sticking with the current two board set up for what I want. my reasons for testing the RRD are simple - keeping an open mind and exploring possibilities ...
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    I have just bought a windsup, its 158l - which is ideal for the kids to learn on and for me to have a 'light' wind alternative (to use with a 5.3/5.8) . I do have a 120l freeride board that i use with a 7.8 but the hassle factor is massive! Then Ideally I would have a 107l big waveboard / freewave, 95l wave board and 84l wave board. I feel that as the sail range has increased the board range has reduced, especially to get it 'dialed in', I think this is beacuase in shingleshire you never get ideal wave conditions (compared to hawaii, canaries etc..) thus the board has to do more to give the rider a return! thus having basically 4 boards for 4/5 sails now!

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    I think you are right about fsws. My experience is that they usually have only one or 2 preferred sail sizes. So my 94 Kode is really best with 5.5 or 6m. Even with a very small fin it becomes too fast in 5m weather...useable but not ideal. Go bigger than 6.2 and it copes but if the wind drops or you get a deep lull it will means slogging. My experience with my wide freeride is the opposite. It has a huge wind and sail range, which I think is achieved by combining comparatively low volume with xtra width and a hull shape ( twin concave into v) that can handle rougher water with ease....especially if you trim the board to keep that extra width above the water at speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerb View Post
    I think you are right about fsws. My experience is that they usually have only one or 2 preferred sail sizes. So my 94 Kode is really best with 5.5 or 6m.
    yep- pretty much my experience, hence why the current quiver is:

    Kode 86 - 4.5 and 5.3
    Kode 103 - 6.0 and 7.2

    Naturally there are times when it's easier to change board than re-rig, so some cross over.

    The RRD blurb claims that those 4 sail sizes are covered on the new 104 FSW... I'm listening only, testing later and potentially buying if I think it can make a two board quiver redundant. I know I've not got on well with wide freeride boards before, although I'd admit they can be quicker, especially on flat water, but I've always favoured the messing around potential of a good FSW over pure speed- personal preference I guess.
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