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    A sail like that should just work out of the box. I would be clueless as to where to start with tweaking battens and I imagine most people are in a similar position. If I were you, I'd first try different combinations of outhaul and downhaul and if you don't manage, take it to a Point 7 dealer.
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    It's not rocket science. Just downhaul to the dot and feel if there are cambers stuck or rotate too easy. Take a mm of the one that is stuck and add a spacer on the one that rotates too easy. Repeate untill all cambers have the same pressure on the mast. What could possibly go wrong? Just pick a sunny day, take your time and enjoy the experience. Always good to learn how all components work together. One day you will be speed surfing with too much downhaul and on another day you will be slalom sailing and be underpowered with your biggest sail. Always good to know how to adjust camber pressure if you play around with your downhaul setting.

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    Good video.....I have not seen that before and it essentially covers the same procedure I talked about above. I'm amazed more people who use 3/4 cam sails do not seem to know about these processes. You can be pretty sure the pros do but very little information is made available to other users. Excessive cam pressure can put too much pressure on the mast and lead to mast failure.....too little and it somewhat defeats the object of buying a 3/4 cam sail. In light winds high cam pressure is just a complete pain, conversely in overpowered conditions too little cam pressure limits the top end.
    One thing the video did not cover is that very often the cams are specific to the cam position and also some are angled so have to be used the right way around.

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    Pieter Bijl always has shared great info. Still one of the best if you want to get into slalom (or just want to go faster): How much great info can one pack into a short video?

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    I haven't had much time to play with the sail. The Gaastra cams have turned up but I think they may be too big. I'm waiting to see if RobinHood can get me another couple of sets.
    The videos are good! However, since watching the first one I have been becoming more interested in the Gun Sails GSR. They seem a good price and look a pretty nice sail too.

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    I have to agree that the Gun GSR does look very nice this year

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    Windmag tested the 2016 GSR and Vector freerace sail and one negative point seems to be the rotation of the cams.

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