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    Problem when overpowered

    I have been sailing on several occasions in gusty conditions when a heavier than normal blast comes through. At that time, the rig reacts badly, making the sheet hand really heavy and the mast eventually drives into the water. This happened on my free race 8.0 and 9.5 sails in 30 & 25 mph gusts. Is this what happens when the draft moves aft? Any tips?

    The last one left a bruise that looks like I was beaten with a baseball bat

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    use a smaller sail.

    Especially with big sails like a 9.5 it can often happen, that there is simply too much wind.
    You can tune Your gear for the gusts: Lower boom, long harness lines, mastfoot further forward, body staying low with a lot of mastfootpressure trough the harness...

    But You still won´t be able to sail in 30 mph of wind with this setup with a 9.5 sail.

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    In heavier than normal gusts try just heading upwind until it passes. Or bear off downwind as you will be heading away from the wind, if you are feeling brave.

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    if you have gusts like that use a 6.2 or 6.7 sail and start planneing with a gust.
    if you ever get too overpowered with a big sail. the board will most likely wanna sail upwind and it will be neer impossible to hang on for to long because you will be exausted quickly and the board will want to tailwalk on its fin out of controle tireing you out eaven worse. best thing to do is go directly down wind ( wind blowing from 12 o clock and you go to 6 o cock ) with the sail sheeted in all the way and raked back like you in a speed run. in this position the sail wont get any power in to it so you will get all your controle back and slow down. ( but the jurney before you reach 6 o clock will be verry exciteing )
    OR YOU COLD JUST LET GO OF THE BOOM AND WAİT TİLL THE GUST PASSES. then sail back to shore and rig a smaller sail.
    doesnt matter how good swimmer you are if you are too exausted to swimm you could easyly drown. so be carefull and dont go out with a huge rig like that in that type of weather. specialy if its off shore wind. that lm guessing it is because of the type of gusts you are refering too. if its off shore do not do what l have told you as you will get further away from shore and might have trouble comeing back...!!!! stay safe have fun
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    As I learnt and did most of my sailing inland I can appreciate your problem. Inland the gusts in the dirty air are so much more problematic. sailing big kit is the norm as we want to be planing. As much as possible. So we rig for the lighter average winds and learn to cope with the gusts. Reading the wind and reacting to impending doom is the key.when you see that monster gust coming you can sail around it, pick an edge, sail upwind or deep downwind. What you do depends on the situation, where you are on the water and the size of the gust. Most of the time I will head upwind and over sheet at the same time. Sometimes I will avoid the edge of the gust or sail into the area as soon as possible. The edges of these gusts are often a bit stronger than a little but deeper in. It is tine in the water that will help. It is amazing how much you can hang onto when a squall arrives for instance.

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    Hi. It's all about being able to go very upwind and very downwind. Both need acquired skills. You need to practice, there is no magic bullet unfortunately.

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    30-35 gusts, most knowledgeable windsurfer's are using 4.5's down to 3.0's. There's a reason for that, which you are finding out.

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