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Only an idiot would advise a newbie sailor to continue using a 9 meter sail in 30 mph winds.
Of course, if you can accept that title, then it fits well.
Formula racing PROS can sail a 9 meter sail in 30 mph winds, but they are PROS, and don't ask for your advice.
I suppose I should apologize for my harsh criticism of all those just trying to help.
But really, suggesting it's realistic to sail with 9 meter sails in 30+ mph winds is a farce, and will only get the OP, original poster, in trouble or worse. OP is not a pro sailor.
Yes, Antoine, Paulo, and the 240lbs PLUS pro sailors can do it, but anyone else should be on about a 6 meter sail maximum, and only if he has skills.
The Coast Guard and Harbor Police will appreciate my advice, and YOUR advice will only close down more windsurfing beach's as time goes on.