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    In what order do you adjust the gear in increasing wind


    In what order do you adjust your gear in case of increasing wind?

    There are so many possibilities to adjust your equipment when it's going get tough, like:
    - boom height
    - outhaul
    - downhaul
    - mast base position
    - fin length/position
    - footstraps position

    What do you adjust first, what do you adjust next and why?

    I adjust first the outhaul. After that the boom goes down followed by the mast base going forward.
    I use this order because outhaul adjustment is the most easily to do and all three I can do in the water.

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    Downhaul, increased downhaul increases the positive/negative bend curve ratio cut into most windsurf luff curves meaning the sail twists off more depowering it. All other adjustments are a fraction of what downhaul will achieve, you can move the track forward and raise the boom and change down sail of course before you start changing fins or any of that other malarke.

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    Downhaul, then outhaul to correct the effect the downhaul change has had on the sails set. Then if I can't be bothered to change down shift the boom down a bit. Never bother moveing the mast foot. Will change to smaller fins if needed but that's usually an initial set up thing and not done often on multifins.

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    Fists: Lenght of harness lines. I always use adjustable lines, NP 24-30".

    Next step depends. On my slalom sails usually outhaul and boom hight first as they seem to work best with the same downhaul.

    On my wave/freestyle sails probably downhaul and outhaul at the same.

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    First outhaul only cause floppy leeches are unfashionable. Then both downhaul and outhaul.
    Unless I arrived at the beach with a too small sail I will already be using a very small fin. I also mostly run a lowish boom from the start so no need to go lower. And my base I mostly creeping backwards regardless of conditions. I belive that what people try to achieve by lowering booms or moving mast bases forwards can be better done by shifting weight between feet and mast foot. A nose heavy set up can be prone to bang into chop. I do however rig a second smaller sail as soon as I can. I don't belive in the wide range talk.
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    I usually do a few runs to check I am comfortable with the kit I have chosen to rig and set my downhaul and outhaul accordingly. Both are easy to do in the shallows or even in the water because I use a North XT2 extension and on larger sails adjustable outhaul. My medium/moderate/light wind boards and sails all have a lot of range both in terms of wind strength and water state so I would have to get my initial kit choice very wrong or the wind increases significantly for me to have to make any further changes, and it rarely happens. In either case I would probably come in and change board and sail. Only on high wind kit would I lower the boom and if necessary change to a smaller fin.
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    Normally I rig close to the max DH anyway and my base position stays very fixed relative to the fin I've already trimmed the board rig combo with so my tuning tends to be +1 or +2 clicks on my XT then a touch more Outhaul to take up the slack but I always ride with the leeward part of the sail able to touch the boom almost all the way to the harness lines and that goes for 5.5 to 9.6 slalom sails. Once I start to feel overpowered I drop the boom 2" max and then might take a bit of adjustable harness line off and that's it, after that I just have to live with it and tune myself in or completely change down.
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