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    Tack: "new" back foot position

    On my 100lt freestyle I usually can tack (say 80%...). But only if I put my "new" back foot, at first, in front of the front strap. Then, with another move, I put it further back.

    On my 82lt I can't tack. I didn't really tried that many times, but I usually "sink" the nose.

    So I tried do a "bigger" step while tacking my 100lt, trying to get behind the front straps "in one go", but my success rate drops... Maybe on my 100lt the front straps is further back compared to the 82lt, so it makes sense to put the foot, at first, in front of the straps; while on the 82 I should aim to go on the back in one go???

    When you tack your waveboard, where do you put your "new" back foot? Straight behind the front straps? Or in front of it, and then you move it behind in another step? Do you do it differently compared to the bigger board?

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    I think regardless of board size it is important to transition using the boards centre line and centre of balance. The centre line is obvious, the centre of balance depends on the volume distribution.

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    Between front and back strap I belive. The nose will often sink a bit but this doesn't seem to make it more difficult to scissor the board fully on to the new tack. I often do some tiny quick steps on the new side if the board starts to tip over. As with all things it's when you start to believe you're gonna make it, you will. And progress speeds up.

    Come to think of it I don't seem to back wind the sail after jumping like I used to. I still jump early but with more speed I guess and go more or less directly into scissor mode. If you see what I mean. In a good blow I'll be back on the plane after a quick pump.
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