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    Just to give you some faith that it will come right, here's a video I posted to this forum in 2014 where I was at about the same level as you.

    Here's a video taken 18 monhts later. Bearing in mind, this was on full slalom kit (a 7.7 North Warp and a Patrik Slalom 115) and in 10 knots of wind, it was much better than the first video.

    And here's another one that isn't brilliant but might show the transfer of weight forward. You can see that as I start the gybe, I'm still weighting the back of the board but I try to lean forward and transfer the power through the mast foot.

    Mounting the camera on the mast is the best way to learn.

    [Unfortunately only one video can be posted in line, so you'll have to click on the first link.]
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    Hi Capie, thanks for the feedback and videos. Your gybes are looking very nice. I might have to try mounting the gopro on the mast. I got some things to work on next time I go out so thanks for the pointers.
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    Just an update on my gybe progress. Here is a video of a gybe I did recently.

    Things I have worked on since 7 months ago:
    1. entering the gybe with more speed
    2. keeping the inside rail engaged
    3. moving my hand right to the end of the boom
    4. pushing the boom away to flip the sail quicker

    Things I noticed from the video
    1. still need to flip the sail earlier
    2. need to keep the mast closer to my body to make the flip smoother
    3. lob the sail more forward towards the nose of the board and grab further down the new side of the boom.

    If you have any feedback it would be appreciated.
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    Its looking a lot better, nice progress. I'd say you need to change feet 1/2 second earlier as you seem to be changing feet and flipping the rig at the same time.
    I'm not so sure about keeping the mast closer to you on the flip.
    If you look at Nick Demspey's video have a look at the position of his elbow. Yours is nearly behind your body, Nick's is out in front of his. The camera angles are different, but thats what it looks like to me. Your rig flip is a little slower, which is why the board is luffing up very slightly and slowing down. Speed the rig flip up and you will be sheeting in and planing away earlier & quicker.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks better yes. Front hand far back is a top tip. Pulling the rig closer to the body during the flip sounds bad to me. I don't use big sails often but at least with small sails I flip them on almost stretched arms. Push on the back hand while pulling on the front hand. Speed us key. Ease your body forwards on entry while heading slightly off the wind for top speed and a flat board. If you never "catapult" to the outside of the turn on entry you probably go in too hard too early and weigh down the tail. Sorry for being very general without having studied the clips closely.
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    Thanks phil, good pick up. I do notice I change my feet as Im letting go of the back hand and hence the position of the elbow. Maybe if I change my feet before I might be able to flip the sail quicker and not point upwind so much. Ill give it a try.
    Tomas, I dont usually get catapulted to the outside probably because Im on the back foot when Im flipping the sail which slows things down. hopefully the early foot change will make the difference. cheers.

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