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Thread: Mistral Equipe

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    Mistral Equipe

    I have one in my shed in Burgess Hill looking to be used. It is the same shape as an IMCO and I guess is what the IMCO was based on. It is a bit dusty, but all in reasonable working condition and the graphics are intact. Has two dagger boards and a good carbon fin. No leaks or bashes. No cash required! Tim

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    if I could have one of the dagger boards it would be appreciated. I snapped mine and have never found a replacement. I'm in Hurstpierpoint. I'd take the whole thing but I would meet a firing squad on my return!
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    May I grab it this weekend. If it is OK with you Gmac, I could drop the dagger off to you afterwards and make that collection at the same time?
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    Its all good for me, and I'd would definitely go for the tattier of the daggers.

    Actually Phil if you are getting it for the lake, you are welcome to have my daggerless one as well. It needs some tlc but then you would have a pair?
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    This one would be for a racer friend, not for the lake. I think the kids would struggle to sail an equipe. Thanks for the offer though.

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    I realise that this is months ago - did the Equipe go?
    I am after one!

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