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    MK Booms business for sale.

    Others on here will know more than me on the background of this company but as far as I know they are one of very few genuine UK based hardware manufactures and the only others I can think of are custom board builders and sail lofts. I have never had an MK boom but certainly come across them over the years. Anyway here is spiel:

    MK Windsurfing looking for new owner...
    MK is the longest running windsurfing business in the UK - established 1979 (Mike Martin... the 'M' bit of MK filmed Robbie Naish when he was just a 14 year old teenager surfing in Hawaii). It still has a great name for no-nonsense 'tough as old boots' windsurfing gear.
    I've run MK since 1990... so that's 26 years I've been at the helm.
    I'm now a full-time website developer and don't quite have the enthusiasm I need to re-develop the next generation of products for MK.

    So...I'm looking for someone a bit like myself 26 years ago:

    • Graduate engineer (not essential) with a keen eye for design and passion for windsurfing.
    • Capable at developing business skills and interpersonal skills (often dealing with the public).
    • Understands modern marketing and can use the 'MK' legacy in a creative way.

    Note: You don't need to be a brilliantly talented windsurfer... does no harm, but is not necessary.
    I'm happy to offer advice and assistance - particularly to someone with the necessary skills but lacking in business experience.
    The whole business including good will, designs, logos, jigs and fixtures (overseas) and product rights will be sold/handed over as a going concern.
    Thanks for reading this and if it's not for you, please 'spread the word'.... you might buy some cracking new MK kit from the new owner.

    Paul Davey.

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    Wish Paul well in the future, I have nowt but praise for his products, if they will stand up to a fifteen stone buffoon like me swinging from them they must be good, hope a buyer comes along.
    Whatever the tide, whatever the ride.

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    I've had an MK boom for many, many years and it's still going strong.

    It has been a good company to deal with IMO and seemed to have a good business model - offering value-for-money booms.

    I'd like to see it continue as before.

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    Hi Paul
    This a long shot but I am trying to locate Mike Martin's whereabouts.
    I knew him before and during the period when he set up MK windsurfing with Howard Kearley.
    I now live in Western Australia (aged 74 ) I not sure if Mike is still with us as he was/is a bit older than me however if you are able to help that would be great.

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    Have you tried asking Howard Kearley – who I know is still around and you can find him on Facebook.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Hi, yes tried Howard unfortunately he hasn't heard from Mike for 15 years but thanks for you reply.
    I will keep trying, last info was that he was working/involved with Chailey Heritage.
    Thanks again and good luck with the business. Peter

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