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    New magazine/site? Windsurfing_UK

    There's still no sign whether the Boards or Boardseeker titles are going to be rescued yet – unless someone here knows better – but I see that standuppaddlemag are going to produce 'Windsurfing_UK' with an emphasis on 'real world windsurfing'.

    Try typing the name into Twitter.

    They have a new logo, and apparently the first issue drops for October.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Stand Up Paddle Mag UKshared Windsurfing UK's photo.5 mins

    For all those SUPers who windsurf - we have a new sister publication incoming. Please welcome Windsurfing UK. With emphasis on 'real world' sailors we'll be publishing content that focuses on the domestic scene with a bias towards the everyday sailor, - the same as SUPM. You'll still see all your fave pros as well - have no fear about that. If you're into windy rig stuff then like the FB page and stay tuned for October when the mag lands.
    If you're not into windsurfing then stay with SUPM as we continue to bring you all the best from the colourful world of UK stand up paddle boarding.

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    Looking foreward to it.

    I still buy the Windsurf mag but in my view it needs to freshen up. It's the same guys sailing the same places & you more or less know what they're going to say without reading the article.

    I mainly buy it for the Peter Hart article at the back.

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    If Windsurf mag is for experts or waveheads who chase waves and who want to hear about waveboards and PWA events, then I guess it makes sense for a new mag to pitch themselves more towards those still learning and those who would typically be seen at Hayling or Weymouth blasting about on 120 litre freeride boards.

    In a way, that was Boards' traditional market.

    There's certainly room for a new approach with Windsurfing_UK
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    So it's a printed mag? Good luck to them! Perhaps another example of SUP resuscitating an ailing windsurf market? quite ironic really, the wheel turns full circle, and windsurfing goes back to it's roots, on big long boards, with simple sails, in gentle winds, on lakes, rivers, pond etc ... actually WindSUP is fantastic fun and a great way to get into it.

    I also subscribe to Windsurf mag - long may it continue ... Peter is always worth reading, but I agree that a lot of the usual articles have become formulaic.
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    Yup good luck to them, let's hope they make a decent go of it.

    A real shame about Boards. Feels like it's just going to fade away

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    Windsurfing UK

    6 hrs

    Psssst. Here's a sneak peek of Windsurfing UK's first issue cover. Don't tell anyone though...Awesome work from Pete Tranter our designer.
    Starboard Windsurfing Starboard Windsurfing UK Severne Sails Severne Sails UK

    Now back in the UK.

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