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    I'm not sure if this is any help or not, but I just put everything on the roof of my car. I have a Pro Limit rig bag that everything other than the board goes in (sails, masts, fins, booms etc) and it has loops sewn into its sides for strapping onto the roof bars. Board/s go on first and then the rig bag on top. For security whilst I'm out windsurfing or if I park up anywhere I put lockable tie down straps ( over the whole lot and through the bag's loops, and I put a padlock on the bag. A thief could steal it if they had tools, but I'd hope other windsurfers or passers by would notice someone on my roof with bolt cutters or a hacksaw! The only downside of this setup is the weight of the rig bag: I have two sails, two masts, two fins and a boom (plus mast extension, mast foot etc) and it's right on the limit of what I'm happy lifting onto my car (I have back problems). I'm very happy with the setup though. It also makes packing easier knowing you have everything in the one bag plus the board - from the decision to go windsurfing to leaving the house I can be gone in ten minutes tops and I know I won't have forgotten anything.

    The other option is to chuck everything in the car, but I just got tired of my car smelling fishy and it taking ages to pack the car and worry about what I'd forgotten.

    A van's obviously the way to go if it's possible, but for you I think one of the car options described here may be better?

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    well i got a t5 LWB , going to have actionVan make it waterproof , put racking etc in , and having deadlock bolts fitted.

    only option at moment is then parking it (randomly) on street in Southend and taking train down and hoping nothing gets stolen.
    will get a fan/timer in back to aerate it and take my wetsuit etc back to london with me

    will buy a garage for 22k eventually

    The car option just doesnt quite have enough space when you need 2 boards and 3 rigs as a bare minimum , and when warmth in winter is a big factor (getting a diesel heater so can get changed in the back)

    thanks for all the advise guys

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