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    I am a not-so-young but still avid windsurfer and I have been having intermittent lower back problems following a fall on ice two years ago, which makes uphauling a bit harder on my back.

    I had M.R.I, CT Scan and X-rays taken, but they were all negative for any problems.

    The first windsurfing season, 4 months after the fall, was perfectly O.K. By then the pain had gone and it never came back during or after a windsurfing session. I thought I had completely recovered.

    Strangely, the pain has come back the second windsurfing season , i.e. last summer, two years after the fall.

    Last summer, though, the pain would never occur while on the water or uphauling , only a few days after. It is a mild pain on a lower back muscle (on the right side) when I turn or twist the upper body, accompanied occasionally by short lived spasm when I contract the muscle either to raise my back from an horizontal position or, conversely, to lie down from a standing position. .

    I am 95% functional for my everyday’s life ( I am also doing lapses at the swimming pool 3 times a week) but to be on the safe, I thought I might see a physiotherapist, because my symptoms could indicate a problem with a lumbar vertebra facet joint . May be it escaped the other doctor, but I believe a physiatrist M.D. ( or a chiropractor or a physiotherapist) would be better trained to detect it.

    Unfortunately physiotherapy is expensive and its costs are not covered by my Government Health Insurance plan ( Canada) unless I am referred by a specialist ( a physiatrist M.D. ) and it will take about 8 months to have an appointment.

    This will probably carry me through another windsurfing season next summer and I just want to make sure that I do uphauling the right way.

    I usually sail in light winds, but next year I ‘ll be using a larger sail than usual ( an 8.0). I know the legs should be bent and I also have an older Easy Uphaul.

    I wonder whether the length of the uphauling rope can have an impact on the lower back strain . I think I had shortened it for some reasons and this possibly makes me lean more forward than necessary.
    In other words, would a longer rope help?Any hints about uphauling?

    Thanks for your comments

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    I'm intrigued as to why a self confessed none uphauler, short board, small rig only sailor like bahser, would recommend the exact opposite to the solution to this problem in his adamant advice not to use the Easy Uphaul system. I'm 5'6" (that's quite short) weigh only 67 kgs yet use a 9.5 rig quite often and the only way that is possible these days is precisely because I use the Easy Uphaul. The Easy Uphaul enables the length to be adjusted to suite, it uses the harness hook to engage the up haul so you lean back rather than bend forward to uphill the rig, if anything is exactly the solution to this guys problem, what is his motivation to deny the obvious? Clearly he's never used one, probably has never even seen one in action.
    Virtually all the team fifteen kids used to use them when they were forced to use rigs way too big for their slight size, heavy 7.8 Tushingham rigs that weigh more than my 9.5 that would otherwise strain young backs, the Easy Uphaul system is used by more racers than don't, so again why would he be so set against it I wonder.

    Either way ignore his advice, you can get them at most dealers who supply racers or if not, we sell them Here

    They work take it from somebody who uphauls more often than most here.

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    I obviously don't know how much a physio would cost in the Canada, but in the U.K. seeing one privately isint extortionate. At around 45-55 quid a go depending on whether they are diagnosing something or treating you for it. My advice would be to go and see one. If they want to see you every week it'll get expensive, but from my encounters over back pain plus other things it's usually 2-3 visits. They work out what's wrong, give you some treatment and normally some excercises to address it, then it's a check up or two after.

    Failing that pilates ( whether a general class or specific to your injury) or general excercise to strengthen your core muscles would probably help.

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