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    And if a sail feels top heavy, sluggish, and like a board, add downhaul! It's no biggee. It just means there's enough wind finally.

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    Don't discount the fact that you have been off the water and that its a new sail, with those sort of factors small things make big differences like boom height, mast base position and even harness line length relative to harness style.
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    Your gear seems fine. 15 knots + 75kgs + 5.3 will be difficult to take off, even 16-18 knots.
    It's like me in 16-20 knots with 5.0 and wave board, I can take off on a plane, but I lose it soon after, not worth the effort especially in side-on conditions where we need to point back upwind after riding.
    While with a Freewave I can glide through lulls, point better and still manage some jumps!

    I have friends here on 2016 Banzai's (mine is a 2014) they do well in light winds but have fast single fin boards.
    What size were people on and what boards?
    Also, when slogging we often notice people planing but it's less the case when it's the opposite!
    From my videos, I often times comment to myself that I was planing a lot more than I remembered.

    The idea with 15 knots is to pass the break slogging and plane back riding.
    90L is good to catch slow waves but not large enough to plane, however going any bigger and your wave riding experience will suffer.

    For my size, I have found on the Banzai that it still drives plenty well with normal downhaul (rather lots in my case +1/+2). If I reduce it then I have something heavy in my hands which makes it tough to slog and maneuver the sail in light winds. I find a baggy sail works better if there's sufficient wind to plane but not so well if slogging becomes more frequent (heli tacks, backwind, stalling, etc.).

    Experiment by reducing downhaul until the sail feels too heavy for you (thrown over after tacks, too much while clew first, cannot depower when wave riding, etc.).

    EDIT: In regards to the sail breathing and all, I wouldn't worry about that, each sail is different, each mast is different. I would simply start with factory settings and slowly dial the sail (making notes) until you find what works best for you, your spot and the rest of your gear.
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    Good morning,

    I was able to sail the Banzai and the Flikka last week again in marginal conditions (I put the factory settings). I think the problem with my first session was that 15 knots is indeed not enough wind. And I think that I didn't sail the board correctly. I was told that I should try to step further back when pumping and it worked very well! The board seemed to plane very early this time.

    Thanks again for the advices!
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    Good afternoon,

    I'm digging out this thread again. Would you think that a 2015/2016 5.7 Banzai has similar power/early planing capability as my old 5.9 Icon (2008)?


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