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    Autumn weather 2016

    OK, whats happened to the autumn winds?

    It's rapidly approaching the time of year when the weather gets too miserable for me to motivate myself to drive up to the coast at the weekend, I would normally be trying to cram in weekend sailing sessions at this time of year before it gets too cold.

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    They've been in the East a lot up this way.

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    The autumn is certainly odd for wind this year, and we can blame El Ninio, and recently this effect has meant warm air pushing up from the south Atlantic in turn pushing the Jet Stream out of its normal seasonal flow.
    The awol Jet Stream in turn means lows are not sent our way. October has been a very disappointing month for windsurfers – and especially for those of us hoping for an autumn wave season.

    The current scenario is the massive 'blocking' high sitting over us in the south of England and over mainland Europe, and that high is blocking incoming wind from the west for most of us.

    The recent easterlies were curious in that they blew stronger west of the Isle of wight than they did across the southeast, but yesterday the wind turned around to bring in warmer Atlantic air, but the stronger wind is further north – and it has been honking over scotland with a westerly flow these past 48hours.

    The high in the south means we get a WSW flow again today, but only a weak one, probably peaking at force four.

    We may see little change in the wind until well into November. Sigh.

    PS. I see that Rhosneigr has been logging 20mph this morning.
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    The weather forecast for my local spot(s) this weekend is wind-speed 1-2 knots gusting 5-7 knots. Even for a newbie like me that is pretty pathetic.

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    I think the autumn winds come later now. I remember last year was rubbish too. November has been better the last few years with the water and air temp still ok. Problem is the shorter days.

    South of Spain has been pretty windy recently which is unusual for this time of year. Tarifa will be good again this week with waves at Los Caños if you prefer. Not too far for a long weekend.

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    Autumn has been very inconsistent for a long time. Especially September and October. My expectations are always low for those months - in fact, last time I sailed which was ealry september I think, I thought it might be my last session of the year. Long windless spells and less daylight make windsurfing pretty much impossible for me from about now until April. Late spring and summer is windy season...
    Going to interviews, hence wind is back. In case you were wondering...

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    In fairness, September was pretty good for wind this year.

    We just haven't really had any big wave days yet.
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