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    Weekend currently is looking pretty good for the south east - some decent southerly on Saturday and then forecast to switch 180 to northerly on Sunday? That means for me either southend or south coast on Saturday morning or Minster, Kent on Sunday. Looks a bit unpredictable though, so think I'll hold off making plans until saturday morning!
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    I was thinking that the weekend forecast had gone a bit pear-shaped.

    Tomorrow (Friday) looks good for the west but then this new low sends fronts from west to east on Friday night dumping loads of rain. The windiest period everywhere is again overnight, as it was midweek here.

    The wind then quickly eases in the west on Saturday and where I live in the Southeast we only get a brief period of onshore wind at breakfast time before it switches offshore – and tide times don't help.
    The Met Office chart also shows a small low forming around the rain which is why the wind direction switch is so extreme.

    In the far southeast – to the east of that satellite low – you hang on to the Saturday wind for longer but it switches there too by the afternoon. The switch also comes with lots of rain.

    And then on Sunday there's probably not much wind, with the Met Office showing a lot less than GFS-based forecast currently suggest. The current Met Office chart for Sunday has barely an isobar on show.

    Then again, forecasters are saying that their predictions are still in doubt for the weekend, so we may get lucky or we may see further change for the worse.
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    Rain is never a good sign and there is loads of if forecast this weekend.

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    So it's now Friday and the BWA wavesailing pros will be sitting on the beach in Cornwall waiting for wind.

    Unfortunately, that wind is now coming in later than originally thought and will not be as strong as originally forecast for the weekend either. The low is centred well to the north of Scotland, and the temporary wind comes out of a couple of fronts peeling off the low and bringing us rain tonight.

    We should see the wind in the west pick up before nightfall, and then it's a breezy and wet night from most of us. The late arrival of this rain and wind means it switches to NW by dawn in the west, but the central and southeastern south coast may hang on to onshore wind (and rain) longer on Saturday.

    The current forecast for my beach in Hove is for a wet Saturday, and with a southerly or possible a SE wind. The first front is a warm one and that might mean visibility issues. The second front is more a cold front and that causes the switch but the wind may not switch off or veer more N until late in the day here.
    But the forecast also has less wind for the afternoon than in the morning.
    High water in the Southeast is also at about 9am, with low water not until 3pm.

    That means the best advice is to sail in the rain, taking what you see, rather than expecting it to get better. It's also a good idea to head to a high water spot, rather than wait for the tide to fall. If the wind is from the left you will also find the falling tide means an adverse current for port tack sailing – so it's not going to be great.

    Above all, check the forecast update for your area on Saturday morning to see what time any wind switch off may occur.
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    That means the best advice is to sail
    another weekend. S-SEl'y, cold, wet and probably marginal as s'lys often less than forecast. It'll be sh*t. I advise a pint of real ale, roaring fire and rugby...

    Next week onwards is throwing up some decent charts though. Maybe this terrible spell of windsurfing weather will finally be broken and the W-SW winds and mild temperatures will return...
    Going to interviews, hence wind is back. In case you were wondering...

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    I feel the full moon later this week will bring a change, normally 2/ 3 days after with the big tides, if not then it may be another month. Water is down to 12.5 c, seem to have missed out on those classic warm water autumn sessions that are lovely, could be straight into winter mode.

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