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    belting along at near 30 kph (have got to 40kph now, woo hoo) and suddenly my board stopped, but I didn't see a stop sign anywhere, however I did not stop and went zooming off in the distance and got a cold dunking

    I was like - what happened. Then I saw that I had hit a massive piece of floating bamboo - bamboo is really big here and it stops you - fortunately my crummy G10 fin survived

    I am proper stoked - I have an RDM 430 mast 100 pc carbon and it fits everyone of my sails - I went from one sail to 5 sails - total investment under 100gbp
    Arrows Trixx 5.6 (a bit heavy but solid for it's age)
    Gaastra Charger 6.4 (nice if a little underwhelming)
    Gaastra Free slalom with the funky tip 7.0 (feels heavy on the back hand but very easy to ride)
    Severne Convert 7.5 (my favourite sail as it is super well balanced and feels light and responsive in the hands but is soooo old the film is popping all over - may last 2-3 months more before it goes)
    Gaastra Free slalom funky tip 8.0 (my light wind weapon of choice)

    I have one aluminium medium extension and one massive 50cms + carbon extension, plus a +30cms carbon tip extension

    all the sails rig pretty well and sail great - so keeping the TOW up and the cost down, saturday it was a peachy 26 degrees - who's complaining!

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    So in that video you had enough power to get the board up on its tail...but it will not happen until you move your front foot back into the strap ...bear away, pump, hang from the harness, bring your arms closer together...just either side of the harness lines, and sheet in. The board will then take off like a scolded cat!

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    cheers. Actually I was pretty unfortunate, as I said I have been having some dental work done and my mouth was still throbbing, that was when I still only had my one sail the 5.6, it was gusty and I was underpowered, I think the other guy was on a 7.5, maybe more.

    About an hour after that I had 2 or 3 brilliant planing runs. Wind has been poor lately though.

    Again thanks for the tips. Mike, I think I saw from some other posts that you used to ride only isonics but moved to some more freerace, freeride type boards. Which boards do you prefer and why - have you put some comparison posts up - I'd be interested.

    I still have some ways to go to getting better technique, but getting the back foot in on the isonic is for me so far quite tricky, I can ride full planing very fast and keeping the board very low without using either strap

    still I promise to work on all those points that you brought up - I just hope that sometime the drone guy will catch me at a good moment - I feel a bit cheated so far

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