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    I used to carry my insanely heavy & very long HiFly 325 with two sails, mast & boom strapped to the removable glass T-Top on my Corvette. That's a much shorter area than a Mini's roof & it didn't cause any problems.

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    I have a pair of very old roof bars that may fit. They are from a mid 80's Golf and have been sitting in my garage for years. I'm in Kingston Upon Thames and sail at Hayling if that's any use?
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    Loads of people still make roof bars for cars with rain gutters. Just google "roof bars gutters". Cost about 40.

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    @vico - hey thanks for the tip, I'll do that, but those gutters are pointing up such that it doesn't give a lot of grip to whatever attachment goes on, but maybe better than soft racks for ease of use, it's been a while since I used a roof rack actually

    @boards - yep I'd love to but I am just a few thousand miles out of your territory (Japan to be exact, lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by astroboy View Post
    Cheers people
    looks like soft racks will have to be the way
    unless I come across something that will hold on to the minis very slim roof lip
    only problem is both racks have to go through the front door, being only 2 door
    one of the reasons I have been looking at short fat boards - rather than long skinny ones
    I don't intend to windsurf much if it's raining and I guess I'll just have to watch the paintwork but you wouldn't notice on my car anyway
    cheers for the input - still hunting for that 'perfect' board at the 'right' price !
    I used to use the Thule type of roof bars on my mini.

    Make sure the gutter is not rusted away and mount the bars as far forward and aft as possible.

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