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    Friday, 12noon, weekend weather update.

    Yes, as rt22 says, the promising version of the weather forecast has done a runner again.

    There is still a deep low out to the northwest, mostly bringing wind to the west coast of Ireland, but this low fills as it tracks further north. Head to Scotland for wind this Saturday, as the remains of the low sits to the north of there tomorrow. By Sunday, a new area of high pressure is nudging up from the south.
    The Northeast should have some wind on Sunday, albeit blowing offshore for many beaches there.

    There is some wind for Cornwall and the welsh coast today (Friday) but that is already declining. A front is passing through north Wales at the moment and that front is active now but is more of a waving/warm front that sits over the Midlands and then edges into the south of England tomorrow, bringing drizzle or patchy rain. Unfortunately, there is a yawning gap in the isobars and so the front doesn't bring much wind for Saturday – compared to original expectations.

    I see that Windguru still has a two star day for parts of the southeast on Saturday, ahead of evening rain, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got skunked again – just as we have been all week. It probably won't be waveboard weather but it may be strong enough for 'big kit' sailing.
    For my beach in Hove I see the BBC are offering 16-17mph for Saturday afternoon, best at about 3pm, and with rain arriving just after dusk. If we are lucky, we may see 20mph (but that didn't happen on Thursday, so it's a bit 'wait and see').

    On the plus side, it still pretty mild out there, and temperatures remain in double figures until that front clears on Sunday morning.
    Sunday in the south looks fairly windless and cooler but with sunshine, and I may break out the SUP because we should have a little leftover swell and with a longer wave period...
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    Saturday, 8.30am. We could well be in for a skunking today.

    The problem is we are under a 'waving weather front' and the wind and weather are notoriously difficult to predict in such circumstances. The forecast detail changes every five minutes as computer models can't cope with the ever-moving position of the front.
    If where you are is under a warm front section then the weather tends to be misty and drizzly and the wind stays at force 4'ish. If we get a cold front section close by then the falling cold air means stronger wind for a while. That colder front section is not due until this evening, so it may get here too late, after dark.

    What I think will happen today is we just get up and down wind, and never that strong. But maybe I'm also being 'glass half empty' after several no shows for the wind this week.
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    Not worth me driving down from London then!

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    The rain hasnt been spreading further east as predicted so it might stay dry in Poole, but its not that windy yet. I had a session yesterday with 8.5m at Hamworthy, planing outside the moorings. It was quite mild, but not sure if I want another session with any less wind than that again today.

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    What a load of tosh it's been recently... It's all my fault too, new sails ...

    Been out left handed and right handed but not on my normal right hand beach... Might just go sit on the beach and sulk for a couple of hours then come home again and sulk some more.... Merry Christmas.

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