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    Looking to teach my nephew

    My nephew is looking to learn to windsurf, and I will need to buy the kit for him to learn on.
    Does anyone have any suggestions around what kit I should get? he's 9 years old.
    I am not wanting to spend a fortune, so any tips for picking up cheap kit would be appreciated.

    If anyone in the West of Scotland (Ayrshire, Glasgow) has any kids learning gear lying about then please get in touch.

    Any advice welcome. Cheers

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    Kids rigs come up on eBay occasionally, you would need a very small one for a 9yo.

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    For the rigs, I saw a second hand Hotsails Maui Youth Power 2.1m, which is a South coast shop, but might be postable in that size

    That site also details of Prolimit rigs in a good range of small sizes with complete rigs pretty cheap.

    North/Arrows have their new irig which is really light, but might have the drawback of not looking like the sails us "bigger kids" use.

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    1.5 sq m sail for his age.
    these are affordable kid rigs
    and they are stable to handle
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