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Thread: Christmas Day

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    Christmas Day

    There was a plan for several of us to go out but a late start for the wind changed people's minds.
    It picked up about 10.30 and I launched with a 5m on 88litres super mild with no hint of hand burn. I was joined by a couple of others for a bit of bump and jump for a while in gusty conditions, nothing epic but fun .
    Happy Christmas

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    we had a similar plan for a few of us to get out early at one of 2 beaches depending on the direction it blew

    so i loaded up the car last night on my way to work the plan was to go the beach on my way home from working last night (which i do quite often before hitting the sack after a 12 hr night shift )

    on the drive home it just wasn't windy at all we were expecting 30knots + and 12 deg air temp

    so it just never happened for me a few got out a bit later whilst i was asleep in a fluky gusty 5m wind at Formby and i can see photo's of people out at Rhossy (to far for me to drive today as i'm back in again tonight )

    so i'm off for a meal at our daughters its been a feckin awful year for us as a family and i really can't wait for it to end !

    Happy Christmas


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    Felpham for me at the inlaws. Flew around on a 5.6/95l combo reaching top speed of 44.8kph and very lumpy conditions. No waves down here though, so it was a bump and jump gybe session for just over an hour.

    Walked back from the beach, had a quick bath and sat straight down for a Christmas Feast. What a day so far ��

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    Hayling Island, 12-1.45pm. Unfortunately not as windy or as wavey as I had hoped, but I was still planning most of the time on a 5.3 and 100L. Some ankle biting ramps over the bar for a couple of forward attempts. About 5 of us in total, plus about the same number of kites. First time I've sailed on Christmas Day in the UK so overall pretty pleased with that.

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    Rocky point Corralejo. Fuerteventura. 4.7. Sideshore but waves not a patch on yesterday. Still can't complain!

    Sun went in around 3pm so called it a day. a blog about looping

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    dorset.25 miles from sandbanks 35 from portland harbour
    Poole harbour with my mate Jon on water from 9 til just after 11. Big board 135L and an 8m sail and a slow start but wind soon picked up a bit and became more consistent and gave us i suppose an hour of great fun constantly planing in a totally empty harbour, wonderful sunshine in which we struggled for visibility when heading towards it! Great fun and if it wasn't Christmas day would have stayed a lot longer.

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    A fun holiday in Lanzarote with a return to windsurfing after a 6 week break due to injury. Unusual SE winds were just the ticket. We had just one NE. Great to see so many people loving the sport. We had a very pleasant 2 week stay and I sailed every day but two. Xmas day was one of the highlights! I resisted going to the more challenging locations as I was not fully fit, maybe I'll be back next year?
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