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    Looking for windsurfing people in Leeds

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Vasilis and I am from Greece.
    I have just found a job in Leeds and I am looking for some windsurfing info and also company.
    I am planning to windsurf all the year (in temperatures 6 points and above) in chop and small/medium wave conditions.
    As far as I know there are some spots in Scarborough and Blackpool but I would like to find someone to go with.
    I am wondering, is anyone windsurfing there or I will be the only one?

    I would also like to ask, are there any places to rent equipment in low price for my first days?
    Is there any person in Leeds that needs someone to go windsurfing with?

    Thank you


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    There are a few shops in Yorkshire
    Try Juice boardsports or Robin hood watersports for some local spot info
    There is local lake sailing close to leeds and then you can either go east or west depeding on the forecast for some waves

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    Fraisthorpe is one of the closest coastal venue to Leeds. You're unlikely to be alone if conditions are right - there'll be windsurfers & kitesurfers.!2d54.03571
    Here to share the love.

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    Hi Vasilis_GR,

    There is a small band of keen windsurfers from both shops who go to this part of the coast. There are various social media groups people use to communicate where they are going to sail. PM me and I can send you some links. Rolling up at Fraisthorpe is a good starting point as that is the easiest location to launch from and has parking, toilets and grass to rig on.


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    Thanks a lot...See you on the Beach

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