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    Dacia logan reviews

    Hi All,
    Anyone got a dacia logan they use for windsurfing. I'm Tring to find a bit of info on ease of use in terms of interior space etc, seat options along with overall thoughts on performance-is it a decent car for only 6-7 thousand?


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    I hired one about 6 months back, must have been the first to hire it, it felt plastic-y painfully slow and like it would fall to bits! When I got back to gatwick and into my 06 reg passat it felt like being in a supercar. Better off get a 2nd hand something else!

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    We don't have this brand in the US, the exterior looks much like a VWJetta wagon.

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    Dacia are a Romanian company that have made Renaults under licence for decades. They used to make Renault 12s, long after Renault had moved on, so presumably they bought the tools. More recently Renault have bought into the company and they are making cars based on Renault platforms. They are incredibly cheap here, but depreciation might undermine that. They do ok in reliability comparisons.

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    Not sure about Logan but Duster was a joint venture between Renault and Nisan. In 4x4 guise it uses Nisan drive train and Renault engines. For the money it is a fantastic car, they had a few issues with rust on early cars but in theory now sorted (???) I drive off road quite a bit and the duster is very capable, its also ok on motorway/ around town. The one I borrowed had an eco setting which reduces max torque/ max rpm...was fine in it and returned 52 mpg..
    I,d have a idea about other models tho... In France its replaced the 2cv...go anywhere, cheap, fun to drive, practical...but slow..(ish) Mind it would cruise all day long at 130 kmh.( the duster,doubt a 2cv would..but it might)
    Check for rust bubbles if going 2nd hand....
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