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    Back to Windsurfing after many years out - what board

    Hi Folks

    I started windsurfing 37 years ago aged 14 and got be quite good, living in Weymouth then Poole. Back in the day I sailed a Chapter 295 then moved onto Tiga 260 slalom and Fanatic Ultra Gecko 265.

    I still have the Gecko and a quiver of Tushingham sails from the same era ie circa 2000.

    I want to get back into the sport, but sadly and much older less fit and fatter, I have no doubt that I couldn't sail the Gecko any more (I am about 15kg heavier than I was). now circa 90kg, and 6ft tall.

    I need advice on what board to choose (probably a used one), I hope to use my existing sails which are still in excellent condition.

    I will be sailing on local ponds (now live in Gloucestershire), and will also look at travelling to Poole and maybe Weston

    Any advice appreciated

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    You don't say whether you do any sport at the moment but your first step should really be to ensure you have good flexibility and some aerobic fitness. You then need to discover what skills you have retained and get up to date with all the changes to the kit that have happened since you last sailed. The easiest way to do that is to rent some kit rather than buy. If you have a local windsurf club then fine...if not a couple of trips to the south coast may be required. The OTC in Portland harbour would be an excellent choice. There you can hire by the hour modern sails and boards of various designs and brands and be shown how to set it all up. Thereafter it really depends on the type of water conditions and wind strength you want to sail in. To be honest you are probably better thinking in terms of getting modern ( ie last 3 or 4 years) kit throughout and once you know more precisely what kind of kit you want there a number of windsurf shops that stock plenty of second hand boards and sails at much more reasonable prices than new kit. The good news is that most modern kit ( boards and sails) are easier to use than you old kit and also have a far greater wind range. It is also the case that board size is adjudged as much by width as volume with most boards being both shorter and wider than your older kit. Sailing inland waters is generally quite a bit different to coastal conditions so part of your decision subsequently needs to be based on where you most expect to sail.

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    Maybe go on a windsurf holiday, where they would have a whole load of intermediate kit and you could get some of your skills back in warm water? Failing that, the OTC idea is a good one.

    For inland I'd guess you'd want something 120-130 litres to start with, and then to keep as light-wind board for a F4.

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    At your weight look for a board 145/155 litres 85cm wide from 2009 on wards
    sails from 6.5 for strongish (20/22 kt)wind, 8.5 for 14/19kt.

    I renewed my gear in 2010 thinking my late nineties sails and masts would still be good, forget it. Modern rigs are night and day compared to the age of yours.

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    I was in a broadly similar position and after a few windsurfing holidays i bought the gear and am now loving being back in to it

    The new gear is so so much better than the gear you used back in the day (I had similar) - i would not go too big though on your return, I ended up buying a Gecko 120 when i started back in to it and would not have wanted anything bigger than that otherwise you will be selling it in a few months - i am similar weight. They are so much wider than they were that 120 litres now is nothing like what 120 was in the late 80s early 90s I think

    I was told that anything post 2010 is still pretty relevant and there are some bargains out there if you look for things that sort of age

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    I started back up a few years ago myself. Weight around 95 k. I started with a Carve 135, didn't like it. Went to a X-Cite ride 135 - that was better. Now I enjoy a Tabou Rocket 125 even more. I use it with 8.0 Cheetah, 6.5 cheetah and 5.8 Elite.

    I also have a Firemove 122, but I think I prefer the Rocket.

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    Back to Windsurfing after many years out what board

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