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Thread: 2016

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    Was it a good or bad year for you?

    I've seen a few posts on FB about it being a bad year and I did sail less in 2016 than 2015. Comparing to 2015 I used my 90l board a lot more, with my 5.8m wave/6m freeride.
    Overall it wasnt too bad, the best sessions were in Easterlies at Studland.
    With the GPS and 'speedsailing', for 2016 I thought I'd concentrate on 1 hour averages for a target, seeing as my Ezzy sails and boards arent really top speed orientated. I quite enjoyed it, finishing 8th in the evaluated rankings (each month you score 1 point for every sailor you beat). A couple of times I was glad the 1 hour was reached as the wind picked up for the last 15 minutes and in another session I thought the wind was going to die at 55 minutes in. It really does focus the mind for the session.
    More truer to form, I finished 450th in the 10s average ranking.

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    Jan Feb were good with the storms named by the BBC, June and July worked out well as we were in a beach front house whilst moving house. This autumn and winter so far have been awful with only one proper wave day, that is the worst yet and nd not looking good. If it doesn't blow in the next 8 weeks then that will be it till next autumn for South coasters.
    Autumn was saved when I had 3 days in Gwithian but that seems ages ago.

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    I enjoyed my sailing in 2016 largely down to the kit I now use ( Rocket Wides and E Type sails in the main) ....and my new dry suit took me into late November without any feeling of being cold. It was a shame that November and December were poor in terms of wind but at least the weather allowed for other activities so I have had no feelings of this winter dragging on so far. Once we are over the shortest day I always feel it is downhill to spring.........lets hope it is an early one in 2017. I'm not worried if it is 14kts or 30kts as long as it is not raining and the temperature is above 10 degrees so not long to go before those conditions are more likely. I started my winter weights training on Jan 1st and if it stays cold but dry some MTB sessions will be on. All to look forward to!!

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    Sadly well below average. Not helped by being totally skunked in el Medano this last week. First time in 6 years. I nearly turned to the dark side but 400 for 3days tuition was a bit steep after already paying to fly my kit out.
    Need to MTFU and get back out in the winter winds and stop playing in the woods on bikes.
    Literally had one great session at Hayling and the rest were all forgettable.
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    2017 - Skunked El Med, skunked Cornwall, 2x Ile de Re, 3x Hayling = 5. oh dear.

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    Two fantastic weeks in Naxos & a couple of great days at Weymouth, but other than that, 2016 was horrendous for all sorts of reasons.

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    The birth of my second son made this a pretty horrendous windsurfing year, on the positive side he is 9 mts old and doing great.

    I have just started a new job and we are planning on moving house this year so don't expect much from me in 2017.

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    As ever the Bristol Channel delivered plenty of wind in the Spring / Summer, not epic but enough to get out many weeks (biggest sail = 5.8).

    Here is one of those Summer sessions

    The Autumn was dreadful though with very little sailing since September (3/4 sessions). Fuerte over Christmas saved me, with wind every day bar one (although I only used 4 days) Martin, you went to the wrong island! Fuerte is always a better bet in the winter.

    This was my Christmas day a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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