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Thread: 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silicon Beach View Post
    The best month in 2016 for me was September, which is usually one of the worst, but it was windy almost every day this year, and uncrowded. February, March and the summer were all pretty consistent as usual, but as Martin and Rod have mentioned the past few weeks have been dire. This isn't really a problem for me these days as I do a lot more Mtb-ing and writing (a novel, and a windsurfing / travel memoir - watch this space). And it's all relative - I still got around 150 - 200 decent days on the water, mostly just in a shortie, so I can't really complain.
    Hey SB, didn't contact you for a a ride this year while I was in El MEd as I'd had a bike accident on Xmas Eve. Just gravel rash after an mtb tumble but enough to keep me off bike.
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    I have less time for windsurfing these days but the extra daylight in spring and summer bring some opportunities. This year was pretty average I would say. 3 wave sessions on my 4.3m at Hove in august was probably the highlight. Probably about 15 sessions the whole year.

    I was in Fuerte in feb but was recovering from gastroenteritus so missed most of the wind which was at the start of the holiday . Missed my normal october cornwall trip as there wasn't anything worth heading down for the week I was free. I've saved the holiday though, so should be a trip in the offing sometime this year .
    Going to interviews, hence wind is back. In case you were wondering...

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    PM me for more details/pics.

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    2016 really wasn't great for wind in the NW i'm not sure what has happened to the big westerly Atlantic gales that used to track through regulary they just seem to have dried up ?

    on a personal / family note it was a feckin awful year best forgotten !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boards_martinc View Post
    Hey SB, didn't contact you for a a ride this year while I was in El MEd as I'd had a bike accident on Xmas Eve. Just gravel rash after an mtb tumble but enough to keep me off bike.
    Sorry to hear that, and sorry that el Medano didn't come up with wind for you. Like I said, I've had maybe one good day in the past two months or so (there's a bit on the forecast for anyone (Kelvin) coming out in about ten days).

    I bought some elbow & knee pads for biking. If you fall around here it can be serious (sharp volcanic rock everywhere, as you know). Also, just took delivery (today) of a Rockshox Reverb (Stealth) dropper seat post for my full-suss e-Mtb, which should also help make the rides safer.
    Currently writing the World's first Windsurfing Novel: 'Too Close to the Wind' - watch this space!
    ps check out my musings from El Medano: Life on the Reef
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    Poor first half - marred by too much work overlapping with what wind there was. Terrible second half due to weather and broken arm (although looking at the weather i dont think i have missed much). Im desperate to get out there for first time since a pretty poor session in Sept.........

    Great 2 weeks in Vass though, but the week in Langebaan didnt deliver much - same again booked this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BottomTurnBob View Post
    I'm also planning my retirement however as i have circa 25 years of work left it's a bit distant.
    Lol, look on the bright side, you are not crumbling and falling apart like us oldies! Well, maybe not that bad but it's only a matter of time so gonna run while I still can..... :-)
    Currently retired to do more windsurfing before the body says NO!

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    13 good days in Tiree in August (including my best DTL day for years at Crossapol), 5 in Tiree in October and apart from that it was pretty crap! In 2015 I sailed a lot at Camber, Avon, Goring & Bracklesham as well as Hayling but 2016 a few days at Hayling, one 'wrong' tack day at Avon and a cross shore day at Bracks is all I can remember.

    Nothing in 2017 yet but I'm retiring in March so I live in hope.

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