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Thread: 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by boards_martinc View Post
    It's a strange world where snowboarding is cheaper and more accessible than windsurfing in the UK!
    yep, and the only time in 5 years I've had a planned snowboard session at a dome 'skunked' due to weather was because the roads were jammed up.... too much snow.... life can be a colostomy bag full of little ironies.
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    2016 was probably the least amount of time on water for me since taking up the sport, wind just didn't seem to coincide with weekends or I had something else going on so couldn't sail.

    I had a weeks family holiday in Norfolk end of May when it blew strong Northerlies all week (which means you actually get waves at Hunstanton) so I felt like I made some real improvement that week in challenging conditions, and then a couple of days in September when the same happened again on an actual weekend for once.

    Apart from that the odd day here and there, but few in total.

    I haven't actually sailed since September and probably won't now until March/April, although I am literally starting to champ at the bit to get back out again, so I suppose that's a good sign for 2017 at least.

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    Nice to read people's summaries.

    Not a brilliant year for me windsurfing wise either. One really nice session at Hayling in the spring, a really good one at Avon in the summer with some nice small waves to jump off, a couple of decent ones at Southend, and one storm force sail in poole harbour. But those are the only ones I remember really. Got out about 16 times overall, so quite a low figure, compared to a few years ago, pre first child. Got to the coast more this year though, as not bothering much with the inland sailing anymore.

    Had a skunking for the second time running in Fuerte, this time in August. I was there for a week, I sailed 3 times, but every time it was marginal at best - big kit weather. I did have one good day when I took a windSUP out in largish swell and about a force 3/4, and I was planing down the swells, and then cutting back upwind to ride down the next one. That was a lot of fun but, quite hard on the back, I think because of the weight of the big board. I also sailed over to lobos island which was fun.

    Hopefully this year will be better and we'll have some storms, and just more wind generally. We're thinking of going back to Fuerte again, as it was a nice family holiday, hopefully it will be third time lucky for me!

    Here's to a windy 2017.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ross24 View Post
    Had a skunking for the second time running in Fuerte, this time in August. I was there for a week, I sailed 3 times
    My last trip there was a complete skunking - no sailing at all. That was early September a few years ago. I'm going back in 6 weeks to give it another go, so I apologise in advance to anyone out there for the inevitable 10 day lull.

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    Must've got out 40 times in total. Stand out day was the 7m South coast swell on Feb 8th. Then there was that epic August day with 100 or so others out at Avon & Rod busting out Push loops. Then beating that was Nov 20th Milford on Sea, Logo/Mast high, side/side off. Rubbish Autumn & December, with only about a dozen sessions. But all made good by a classic Xmas Eve at Kbay :

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    2016 was a good year for me. I had around 42 sessions which is probably the most I've ever done. Not having to go to work does help, as did a trip to Cape Town with nearly 20 sessions there.

    The session that stands out was an October day at Wells-next-the-Sea. Northerly 4.7 wind, fun waves at Holkham beach, perfect flat water behind the sandbars and amazing ebb out of the harbour.
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    It looks like 2016 was pretty poor for most. Particularly the Autumn. My quickest 1 hour sessions with the GPS in October and November were with an 8.5m although there were a couple of very wind days. December would have been the same except for Christmas Eve where I had a session with my 6.5m.

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