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    New boards for Severne.

    I see the new Severne boards are on their website. (The Fox, and the Nano)

    I'm in Cape Town and am also seeing these boards on our beaches – and I have photos – so they are now being released.

    I like the look of their new Nano wave board – but have not yet sailed one.

    This is a thread to talk about those boards if you have seen or sailed one etc.
    If you own one, then give us a review.
    (This is not another thread for other brands to tell us their boards are better, via their sponsored sailors.)

    Here's a link to the Severne site. I have no commercial connection with this brand but I do use their sails.
    Now back in the UK.

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    The Nano is another design from Nude boards who designed the NuEvo. It's a short stubby board with a 'Tomo' nose, and batwing tail, meaning the board rails appear very parallel, and the board length is compact and down to 215 long in the 83 litre size.

    The rockerline is 'fast' (to deal with that curtailed length) and the rail-to-rail shape is quite unusual, with lifted rails and a double concave which creates a Vee cushion over the length of the hull.

    The board has five boxes for fin set-up versatility, but the design is meant to excel in onshore conditions, and small to medium waves.

    But I won't comment further, having not sailed one.

    Here's a photo of the Nano at Big Bay yesterday.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4K2A8271.jpg 
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ID:	14805The board has wingers and sharp rails at the rear. My photo here from a few days ago doesn't really show the concaves or the raised rails.
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    I have no commercial connection with this brand but I do use their sails.
    Yes you do, because you get them cheap. Better to not mention anything about a commercial connection rather than lie about not having one.
    Wish I was better, but don't we all?!

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    Don't you also use Severne boards making you a fanboi as a minimum.

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    No, I don't use Severne boards.
    I do however use Severne sails – which I pay for.
    I also have three NuEvo boards, as produced by Starboard, not Severne.

    I had better confess one commercial interest: Today I received a crate of red wine from Team Fanatic North, because I took a load of photos of their riders.

    You can see my photos of many pros from all brands all over social media at the moment.

    I posted this thread because Severne have two new boards and they are now on their website, so that is news to me. As it happens, I also saw the Nano board on the beach here, hence my photos and comments.

    If you are not interested in new windsurf wave boards of unusual shape, then no worries. There is stuff about the Nano and the Fox on the Seabreeze forum anyway.
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    I posted some pretty detailed pics of it back in oct or september from a dealermeeting.
    Scott Mc Kercher told me it good in onshore and slow stuff but due the paralel rails even better in fast DTL conditions and he prefers it as a Tri.
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