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    "Classic" boards

    Following on from Bashers Severne thread.

    This thread is to tell us about one or more 'classic' boards you have owned. Youre welcome to say my board was better then yours. Some reasons why would be good though. Actually, you dont even of have to owned one, seen one, or let alone actually sailed one. Sponsored sailors are welcome. Fanbois are welcome.

    I'll add mine later, my breakfast is ready to eat.
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    Bic electric rock, first board I owned that was truly a single board solution for short boarding, early planing and very easy to sail.

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    I guess a 'classic' is down to personal preference, what suits 1 person might be way off to someone else.

    My classic is the Exocet Cross 90l v1 from 2005. 241cm long * 59cm wide and a relatively wide ofo of 38cm for those days. I've still got it and use it regularly. I bought if after reading the test in Windsurf magazine. Everything they said I've fund true. Planes early, quick, easy to gybe, well made, durable. The straps are the weak spot as they are fiddly to adjust, but I've never actually replaced them. Over the years I have used it with a 6.5m 3 cam freerace sail down to 4.2m wave sail.
    Looking up my GPS stats, in choppy Poole Harbour my quickest 500m speed is on the Cross with a 5.6m 3 cam sail (my Falcon 80l was actually quicker but not 500m, guess those runs were 499m long).
    I use it as my smallest board in the harbour down to 4.2m/4.5m unless its really howling. On the sea its fine down to 5.2, for smaller sails or if there are proper waves I use a wave board as the Cross 90 is a bit too quick.

    The only damage is 1 small crease on nose from a wipeout and where the 'v' is at the front the glass has worn thin from landing on sandy beaches and putting it in a board bag/on the rack in the van. A solid board, why cant they all be made like that?

    In 2010 I put on a bit of weight so the 90l/6.5m combo was too small so bought a Cross 106 v2 and still use that with a 7m/5.8m. One of the easiest boards to do planing gybes on. Probably my best day on it was at Marazion with a 7m when the locals were on 95l waveboards & 5.3 float & riding.

    The current Cross v5 are still very similar in dimension. The 94l is 240 * 60.5cm with the same progressive 'v' throughout when I looked at one last year. Why mess about with a classic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davida View Post
    Bic electric rock, first board I owned that was truly a single board solution for short boarding, early planing and very easy to sail.
    I never sailed one, but last week I bumped into someone from work who used to windsurf. He gave up years ago but still has that board in the garage and thats what he said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil_in_poole View Post
    I guess a 'classic' is down to personal preference, what suits 1 person might be way off to someone else.
    That's true, but it's not how we generally use the term: 'classic' ... it does imply some degree of consensus. If you think about classic cars, a lot of people would include say the E-type Jag say, perhaps the Audi Quatro, Porshe 911, Mini etc - I don't know much about cars to be honest, so it's probably not a good list, but you get the picture?

    Anyway, my suggestions would be:

    Fanatic UltraCat
    F2 Bullit
    F2 Sunset
    Mistral Screamer
    Naish 8' 5"
    Mistral Twinzer (I had the 84l)
    RRD Twin (still got the 82)

    Perhaps what we need is a shortlist, and a vote?
    Currently writing the World's first Windsurfing Novel: 'Too Close to the Wind' - watch this space!
    ps check out my musings from El Medano: Life on the Reef
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    Boards that come to mind over the years are ,
    1. Mistral screamer.
    2. Tiga wave 250.
    3. Light wave, Magic touch custom.
    4 F2. Sputnick 270.
    5. Starboard EVO, (80 litre from 05 being best of all which I have 2, 1 as a tri fin, I still rate this very highly)
    6. Rrd Freestyle wave seemed to be best of these.

    Not sure if we have had a classic tri or quad yet as they seem to change so rapidly and some work for some and not others nowadays. It would be interesting to know about best sellers over the years, to be classic I think it should be trend setting and high on people's wish lists from that time.
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    Patrik Diethelm's very popular and for years regularly top tested shapes for the around 80 liter:
    F2 Guerilla and then keeping the same shape renamed as
    F2 Rebel

    I still love and use those singlefin waveboards - also on flat water and B&J. They are - what is difficult to achieve - very allround.
    Kode Wave 82 (2014), Fanatic Triwave 89 (2017), F2 Rebel 75 (2009), F2 Guerilla 84 (2007), Skate 108, powered by Severne S-1 and S-1 Pro
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