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    Mistral Screamer 268 was my classic. It was fine from flat water through to Brandon Bay, in its time.
    2017 Sessions: Speed/Slalom 11, B&J/Wave 06, SUP/WindSUP 00
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    My list:

    Tiga 260
    F2 Sunset
    Mistral Screamer
    Fanatic Bee
    Exocet Cross 94
    Exocet X-Wave 83 - great single fin wave board
    RRD 82 Twin - my current favourite board ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlynRS2 View Post
    RRD 82 Twin - my current favourite board ever
    Yep +1 ... I've had at least one board a year for 30+ years, including the classics I listed earlier, but the RRD 82 Twin that I've had for about five years is my favourite. The Mistral M84 twin comes very close, but I marginally prefer the RRD, also it hasn't de-laminated like the Mistral. I keep trying new boards from the TWS centre and some I like nearly as much, but not quite enough to splash out until the RRD dies. John Sky once told me that it was also his favourite RRD shape.
    Currently writing the World's first Windsurfing Novel: 'Too Close to the Wind' - watch this space!
    ps check out my musings from El Medano: Life on the Reef
    Boards: Fanatic FreeWave 95, Quatro Supermini Thrusters: 94 & 85, RRD WaveTwin 82
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    My RRD 66L Twin is probably my favourite too but unfortunately it's due for retirement! I've just ordered a Moo Custom, similar volume perhaps a bit more wave orientated so I'm looking forward to seeing what Jon makes of it (I'll keep the twin for more onshore stuff till it breaks).
    One of my most memorable boards and days sailing was my first Magic Touch (1990?). Went down to Cornwall to collect it - message from Niels - sailing at the Bluff, board on roof of van , help yourself, so I did. What a great day! Blue sky, waves, 4.7 and the board was well, Magic. Perfect for my weight, so much better than my previous customs.
    For light wind boards I never really got on with my Screamer, F2 ride or others I tried until I got my 2008 Xcite ride 100L which is a great board for lightweights and still good fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silicon Beach View Post
    That's true, but it's not how we generally use the term: 'classic' ... it does imply some degree of consensus.
    True. What I really meant that because a board someone likes isn't in a 'classic' list, if one were to exist, dont let that stop people from posting theirs.

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    To me, the term 'classic' would imply a big seller from one year or one era.
    So the Bic Electric Rock or the Mistral Screamer would qualify - even though most of us would find them to be crap boards now.

    As with cars, we really need to relate a classic to the year it was popular - because design has moved on and the skills of the average windsurfer are higher.

    Classic can can also be a personal thing, with each of us having warm memories of a certain board. For me that would be for my early K Bay waveboards.
    Then I remember the Starboard development of the Hypersonic that lead to the iSonics, and also the Kode 86 FSW (and other sizes). Then in waves, the Evo, followed by the Evil Twin 70 (a true classic, which I still sail) . The Nuevo took that Evo idea further, and is still available, albeit now with another brand.
    In Freestyle, the Fanatic Skate lives on today, alongside the equally-successful JP freestyle and the Starboard Flare - in various sizes. (Most other brands haven't won, at freestyle events.

    In wave boards, some of the recent designs are superb - but they are also niche products and about a personal choice to match your skill and local sailing conditions.
    Which is why magazine tests – such as they still exist – aren't so helpful or decisive anymore.
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    I have some kit for sale, to make space. Nuevo 86 2014, £490, Nuevo 73 2013 £550, Severne Blade 2015 5.0 and 3.7. All VGC or little used. Don't use private message system as I don't get messages via here – contact via the weather thread!

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    My list would start with the Sunset Slalom. Back then I had just the one board so it had to do anything from 7m down to 4.5! OK it was a bit bouncy when it got really windy but the Sunset was the board I learn to gybe on and I still remember the feeling when I got it right. It felt like someone had put float under it as it cut a carve on its thin tail.
    In more recent times a 96l Starboard Kombat ( the yellow one) gave me similar experiences............that may be because I owned that board in 2011 which if anyone remembers was a year when we had almost consistent bft 5 SW throughout the summer and I almost exclusively used that one board for nearly 100 sessions that year with 5/5.5/6.0 m sails.
    I doubt any Slalom board will ever achieve the status of a classic because fewer people use that range of kit and the models change so rapidly but I count myself lucky to have owned the Isonic 107 which was capable of everything from fantastic controlled blasting right through to white knuckle internationally competitive slalom speeds if you had the nerve.
    It has taken me nearly 30 years to achieve it but I honestly believe my current Tabou Rocket Wide 108 Ltd is my best board ever. Whether it achieves "classic" status I guess time will tell but if part of the definition of a classic is a board that exceeds your every expectation at both ends of the wind scale and puts a smile on your face everytime you use it because it just does what it says on the tin.............then this board heads my list.

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