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    I started in the mid 90's so missed all the original Bic days.
    Classics FOR ME:
    F2 Ride 282 from the late 90s - the board I really feel in love with as my first shortboard that got me carve gybing, water starting and coastal sailing.
    JP Real World Wave 83 from about 2005 was also a great board that was the first I could really control in storm winds.
    Since then it's been JPs all the way. Freestyle waves and Freestyles of various sizes. Just bought a Magic Ride 118 so will see if that lives up to the hype.

    I do remember a Fanatic Skate I sailed in Margarita in 2004 being superbly light.

    Never liked Mistrals and just once sailed an old Bic Electro Rock at some crappy centre In St Maarten. It sucked.
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    This topic comes up every now and then, but is always a good chat.

    My list (boards I've owned, borrowed or sailed):

    - Bic Ken Winner
    - Bic HardRock
    - F2 Sunset Slalom (a real classic)
    - Mistral Diamond Head
    - Mistral Malibu
    - Mistral Screamer (a real classic with the Sunset Slalom)
    - Tiga Wave 250 (the most durable board ever? But actually good fun)
    - Starboard EVO 75 (really changed a lot of wave board design, only sailed it once myself and did not like it... but still a classic in my book)
    - RRD twin 82 (still a very good board, the first fast tail twin?)
    - Fanatic Skate 100 (still in production after what, 7 years?)
    - Quatro LS quad 85 (I think that this board, together with the Quatro Tempo, influenced the "easy to sail fairly fast multi fins" quite a bit)
    Rig - Simmer vMax 7.2, Enduro 5.9, Black Tips 5.3 - 3.7, Tricera 5.0, HSM FL 5.7
    Boards - Simmer Hoogal 84 (custom), Simmer Freegal 100, Flikka 95 (proto), and 83 (tweaked Core line), Fanatic Blast 115

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    I got into windsurfing in the early 90’s in the Bic era. I remember a magazine description of the brand saying that as they used a heavier construction than the rest of the market they compensated by adding a lot of width and volume and reducing the length. An Electric Rock is 265 long, 58 wide and 102l. That is far closer to a modern shape than anything else from that era. There is a similar thing with wave boards of that era, they had much more width in the tail than the wave slaloms that were the norm so boards like the Tiga wave were great as they were short, wide and wide in the tail!

    I’m going to mention the Bic Saxo as a classic, first twin i ever sailed and felt like a radical concept board at the time but still great fun to sail. Circa 96 or 97. Way ahead of its time.

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    Two "classics" I owned: Tiga 260 Slalom & 250 Wave.
    "Classics" I recall would include the Mistral Screamer & F2 Sunset Slalom.
    I would class a "classic" as a board which remained in production for some years with minor or no changes & of high popularity.
    Difficult to attain these days as board designs are updated for each model year & are, of course, far superior to the one replaced ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silicon Beach View Post
    That's true, but it's not how we generally use the term: 'classic' ... it does imply some degree of consensus. If you think about classic cars, a lot of people would include say the E-type Jag say, perhaps the Audi Quatro, Porshe 911, Mini etc - I don't know much about cars to be honest, so it's probably not a good list, but you get the picture?
    Probably best to forget about the use of classic in "classic car" as it just means an old car which is newer than a Veteran, Edwardian, or Vintage car (all those have defined age limits). A classic board ought to, as you say, have some consensus.

    My (minor) classics have been Bic Veloce, Mistral Flow (1st generation) and Fanatic Skate. Car-wise the story is somewhat different as I once owned a Morris Marina.

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    Good to see that we all know what classic means.
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    The Marina can be considered a classic in that its door handles were used on Range Rovers and at least one Lambo.

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