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    Mistral Equipe 2 XR upgrade

    I would like your words of wisdom on which one of the new long/race boards is a upgrade to my long board of many years/that i have had since it was released new that has been putting a smile on my face an have mastered the performance of the mistral equipe 2 xr. I sail with one sail a Ezzy 8.5 in winds from 5-25 on flat an fresh water lake chop/close together waves that cant be surfed like ocean waves since they dont set up good enough I have recently the past five or so years mastered the same board for SUP that i if possible I would like my new board to allow but not a requirement since i have a all out race sup I use on no wind days. When i sail I like to go fast as possible. Going up wind is not not needed an in fact havent used my Equipe center board for around the past two decades. Do have around a half dozen differnt types of fins for conditions. I do have thoughts of the Kona Carbone to give you some incite. Im 54 years old an have zero intrest in races or waves or higher winds or adding more sails to my qwiver that I use to have multible sails an boards an older I got less i used so sold them an happy with what i have...but the board is in need of a upgrade. I do have intrest in being able to windsurf foil also in same conditions mentioned as a possiblity.

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    Bump. Someone must have words of winsdom or $.02

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    Modern boards don't really relate to those old long race boards. Modern boards are built to get planning and only really perform well once planning, your board is designed to work on and off the plane. You have to ask yourself if you want to embrace the modern approach and if so you would get a much shorter and wider board or if you like plodding about in light winds then maybe something like a Kona one is the modern equivalent.


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    Or you could go for the race board equivalent from Starboard;
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