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    Review: Witchcraft wave V4 86l

    Witchcraft wave V4
    length: 226
    Construction: HDD: , the strongest construction in a productionboard.
    Weight: 6.5kg With Dakine straps and fins.
    Finns: front: 13.5 pre twisted centre 14cm. both G10

    I have this baby since end of june, but due bad timing and a very lame autumn and winter at least in Holland I didn't used it that much, hence the delay on a review.

    History of boards:
    I bought in 2010 a V3 80 and replaced it by an 83 later. With first my Hotsails Fire and later my my Hotsails 5-Ocean sails the board worked really well in everything except confused waves, but was still manageable.
    In 2014 I switched from 5-Oceans to the 3 batten KS3.

    The combo of the more direct KS3 with a bit more lift as the pretty neutral 5-O. This combo was too much fighting for me and after trying a lot of boards I bought a Flikka custom Quad.
    The Flikka was high rockered with a nice double concave and a thin tail for maximum control and turnability. a dream on a wave.
    Unfortunately I got almost the same time some serious issues with my feet with a pretty rare local tumor on it destroying my tendons and muscles so the balance and feel got quickly a lot worse so the board became too radical for me.
    Being 92kg and the fact that Flikka 84 Flikka liters was a lot less as the Witchcraft liter didn't help either so the board had to go. I sold it to a friend who loved it and changed it for a Goya Quad84. The Goya Quad84 was flatter rockered, wider tailed and loved it.
    The only downside was that he paint chips of by the first blink the direction of the board and the construction isn't up to par to the customs and semi customs I was used to.
    So after a really shitty 2015 with way too much time in hospitals and off of the water I decided it was time to treat myself, and what cheers up better as a fresh new board: the Witchcraft Haka86 :P
    For people in doubt...yes a new board helps! (at least for a while).

    I wrote a review about the Haka as well:
    There was a LOT to like in the Haka and it is an really really good board, but as written in the review I wanted to turn tighter.
    Had a lot of contact with Bouke, played around with fins and after some tuning I was overall very happy with it...... till a friend of me got an V4 89l and offered me to try it.

    For those who don,t know the Witchcraft line-up. The Haka is a euro waveboard and the V4 there most radical one with the most rocker, the smallest tail and shaped for good conditions and faster waves.
    Trying is always fun, but when you have a bit of a surfsjizle addiction it can be expensive as well.
    I sailed the board with perfect sideshore, proper waves and a lot wind: 4.0 and later 3.4 and from the first second I knew..this is what I was looking for!

    Sailed 3 hours and after the session it took me the whole ride back to my house (15min LOL) to decide I wanted one and ordered it straight away.
    CBC is for me strong enough nd lighter but HDD more popular and easier when you sell a board so opted for that construction.


    Tail behind the finns:

    just in front of the finns:

    under the front straps:

    widest point:


    On the water
    Getting going:
    As you can see on the pics the V4 has a serious amount of rocker and there isn't a single flat spot in the whole shape.
    Witchcraft trademark inverted V with bevels on the rails and off course the razor sharp rails in the back of the board

    With that amount of rocker and the most radical label I didn't except a lot from the early planing., but as it is my small board that isnt really really important and the difference with the Haka was actually a lot smaller as what I was expecting.

    planing in a straight line, sailing upwind and comfort:
    When planing the pretty high nose is noticeable.More as with the Goya and Haka and a HUGE difference compared to the Fanatic Stubby with a really low nose.
    There is a bit of lateral rocking on the board that reminded me to the old single fin RRD wavecults and I really liked that!
    Why? well because with the nose coming up, going over whitewater is a lot easier as with most boards I tried. It isn't something to buy a board for, but to ride a wave you need to get over the waves and especially with a very short wave period we usually have it's nice when a board helps a bit with it.

    Comfort wise I rate it a as a bit more direct as the Haka but still an rather relaxed board and a hell of a lot more comfortable as the old V3.
    I have no clue about the whole process, but it almost looks like Bouke had to build the Haka and took some elements from that shape into the V4

    With sharp rails and really high quality G10 pre-twisted G10 13.5 in the front and a 14centrefin the board flies upwind.
    Bonus, because the board is pretty efficient I can sail rather small sails without losing too much upwind ground.

    In going upwind i,m pretty sure its better as my old Goya Quad, a lot better as the Flikka, but not as good as the flatter Haka. The Fanatic stubby beats everything, but that board feels like a lot bigger board and has a 12+18!! set-up so hard to compare with my 13.5+14.

    Overall is important because most of the time you aren,t on a wave, but I buy a board like this for riding, no matter how short or how bad the waves can be.
    As written above about the shape, lots of rocker, sharp rails combined with a small tail...this board is beast on a wave!
    It really likes front foot initiating of the bottom turns and finishes top turns beautifull over the back foot.
    Funnily, the due the rails it sails more precise as all the quads I owned with heaps of grip.
    I really liked the board in the softer and slower waves we often have in Holland, but when I sailed it a couple of times at Praa sands and Gwithian and the you see how good the board truly is.

    The bigger the faster the waves become, the better the board seems to work.

    Cons: a board that turns soo tight and precise due its generous rocker and small tail in proper waves loses it speed earlier on the slower parts of the wave and in between the sections.
    The flatter trimmed Haka handles the gaps between the sections with much more ease and the Fanatic Stubby88 is a lot better as both in slow waves.

    Last edited by Jeroensurf; 29th January 2017 at 05:21 PM. Reason: edited it a couple of times because the links from the pics didnt work.
    188x92kg 43y old, Supper/Windsurfer.

    Witchcraft Flextail 104l + Witchcraft V4 86l HDD

    2016/17 Hotsails KS3: 5.5+5.2+4.9+4.6+4.0+3.4 Ultra + Kauli + CAAS masts, AL360+ TL cont@ct booms lots of fins.

    SUP Starboard 2015 Airborne 8.8x31.5x123l / Pro8.5x29x112l / Race14x25 / 2012 AST Coastrunner 14x28 / Gong9.4x29x135 Freak

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    Differences with the Stubby
    I mentioned the Fanatic Stubby(88) a lot because it is a board that I could borrow and demo for a few weeks and really really liked.
    They are in Holland very popular and imo with a good reason: They turn really tight straight from that wide tail where you are standing straight on the back, and it keeps going and going.

    As soon as the waves become faster the tail becomes too wide for tight turning, so the Stubby moment of glory is when the conditions sucks. The moment things become a bit handful for the Stubby, that is where the V4 really has its moment of glory.
    Both boards are excellent in there own environment and rock in completely different conditions.

    Which one suits you best is besides style of sailing even more about conditions you sail.


    De standaard straps from Pro limit sucks. they are folding between your foot and the velco and I replaced them after 1 session with Dakine Suprimo,s.
    In the mean while Bouke developed his own straps that look pretty good, but I like the Suprimo,s a lot, so stay with them.

    I like to try and play with different fins, but the standards are overall very good allrounders.
    My favo set-up at the moment in Holland are K4 Ezzy 13s with 2degree toe in and a LEON Stiff 16cm as a centre in the middle of the box.
    16cm sounds big, but it has the same surface as the WC 14 and is a lot looser.
    This combo is for me in our conditions a great combo of speed and looseness, but when i,m in Cornwall at a good Bluff, Praa or Gwithian day I use the secure grippy standard set up.

    In case people wonder if i,m a fanboy: I really like the boards of Witchcraft, but have plenty of argues with Bouke to get me of the Fanboy list.
    I think there have been last year a several moments Bouke would happily shove one of his new extensions up my a## and i,m for sure waaaaay of the discount list.
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    188x92kg 43y old, Supper/Windsurfer.

    Witchcraft Flextail 104l + Witchcraft V4 86l HDD

    2016/17 Hotsails KS3: 5.5+5.2+4.9+4.6+4.0+3.4 Ultra + Kauli + CAAS masts, AL360+ TL cont@ct booms lots of fins.

    SUP Starboard 2015 Airborne 8.8x31.5x123l / Pro8.5x29x112l / Race14x25 / 2012 AST Coastrunner 14x28 / Gong9.4x29x135 Freak

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    Interesting reading.
    Ola H.

    – Simmer Style Boards and Sails –

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    Nice write-up Jeroen.
    49 years young @ 85kg.

    WitchCraft Wave HDD 83l + K4 Stubby 14cm + K4 Ezzy 2º 12cm
    WitchCraft Flextail CBC 90l + K4 Stubby 15cm + K4 Ezzy 2º 14cm
    RRD COTAN 7'11" Wide Classic
    Witchcraft Slayer & Karma sails and masts from 3.3m to 5.2m - Tecnolimits XTR

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    Is the vee in the nose a design element of every witchcraft model?
    Which function does it have? Don't know other boards with such a nose vee.

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    An excellent very detailed review Jeroen

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    Nice one Jeroen.

    Be sure Bourke doesn't invoice you for the extension, if he sticks it up your a##!
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