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    Here is one of the latest flextails we made, 97, LD 2289x628:

    I tested the Reaper at Lobos yesterday, it was windy, on the 2.5km crossing over going full speed. But at the break the wind came straight over the vulcano so it was very gusty and the 94 a bit on the small side for my 92kg. Maybe not a fair comparison but it sure did not feel like having the same drive of the wave like the V4, which excels at getting drive of the wave.
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    Hi Rod,

    What were the major differences between your custom 101l (more Shaman like?)WC and the 99l wave 4.0?
    Which of the two is most controllable in overpowered conditions?

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    I didn't use the 99L V4 in overpowered conditions but I think it would be better (more control) than my Custom.
    It also felt much smaller under foot, and felt as if it had a bit less float than my custom (more than 2L).

    I'm pretty sure my custom would plane earlier though (didn't sail them side by side obviously). You could feel the difference in rocker. The V4 took more power to keep it going, but then was so carvey on the rails. You could feel the difference the narrow tail and rocker made to turning. My board feels more pivoty (if that is a word).

    Bouke says my board has about the same tail rocker as a Chakra (though having sailed a 100 Chakra I know my board turns a ton better).

    I can really see why Jeroen would prefer WC boards with more rocker.

    My Custom is 230 x 63 x 40 tail(ish I think).

    I would have really liked to try the V4 104, I think that would have been a better comparison with my board. a blog about looping

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    Thank you rod for your clear answers.

    Has the experience with the more rockered and narrow tailed v4 changed the way you look at the "ideal" board for you?

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    Perhaps with Witchcraft boards yes. But not necessarily with other brands shapes with different volume distribution and rail shapes. a blog about looping

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