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    In Singapore?

    In the day room conservatory. Matron eventually brought him a blanket.
    I have some kit for sale, to make space. Nuevo 86 2014, 490, Nuevo 73 2013 550, Severne Blade 2015 5.0 and 3.7. All VGC or little used. Don't use private message system as I don't get messages via here contact via the weather thread!

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    B*****d! I'm still hearing 100 hours recommended use for a tendon. Can anybody confirm or rubbish that?
    I replaced my Chinook tendon about this time last year and since then 85-95 sessions on it, usually about 1 1/5 hours sailing time. Thats mostly 8.5/7.5/6.5m flat/choppy harbour blasting, I usually use a Boge UJ with <6m or when on the sea. I looked at the tendon last time and it still looked fine.

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