What are your tips and hints tuning Severne S-1 Pro Sails?

Apart from using light and top range Severne masts - for 80 kg using them in the recommended length/IMCS (and not the 30 cm shorter version).

What range (minimum + Maximum or cm in between) do you use when adjusting downhaul and outhaul? What's about the standard settings and how can you get the best of both ends of the windrange of each sail (overpowered - short of power)?

Which booms do you use and do your sails touch the boom sometimes?

How far (in % of chord from the leech) do you let the borderline between loose and tight areas go in towards the luff (below the top batten and/or the one underneath)?

What's about the outhaul? How much pull (centimeters) from the 2-fingers neutral North concept?

What do you concentrate on I have not even mentioned?