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    Naish wave sails boom cut out

    I read -i believe in the German Surf magazine that the boom cut out of the naish sails are too low so that if you are 1.85 or more you have a problem with how high you can set the boom.

    I can get 2015 naish force sails new for a really good price but if this is true than i am not going to buy them. I am 1.92 btw.

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    A friend of mine use Naish sails, and yes on his 2014 Boxers the boom cut-out is lower than on my Simmer's and most other brands.

    However, for proper wave sailing I would not say that it is a problem since your boom should be a bit lower anyway. At least it would not be for me at 1.90 cm. Maybe if you want to use them for flat water blasting that it could become an issue, though. You could perhaps ask the guys selling them to measure?
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    I'm 193 and sailed naish for many years. I got used to running a low boom. It works well in the waves. Now that I have changed to other brands I run my boom just above middle of the cut out. On my Goyas I think it says about 135. Using very high booms is - I think - one of the many things that stop people advancing. Being able to get over the boom and apply mastfoot pressure is very important for downwind manouvres. I do by the way still have a 2014 Naish Force 6.2. It's a really great sail. Ligher and more stable than they used to be. I used to sail sessions for better control but with the current sails in onshore conditions my bet would be the force.
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