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    Multifin Experiences

    I recently got some multifin boards, second hand so did not choose fins. I can sail ok and want to learn waves. Below are findins so far and woudl appreciate any advice or what others' finding are.

    Tabou 86 2015 (5 boces to play with) with 1x18cm, 2x16cm, 2x10cm, no toe-in fins
    Fanatic 96l 2014 Tri-fin With 18, 21.5, 25, 29 central fins, + 2x12cm K-Bay with 2 degree toe-in

    1. in tri with fins in middle of boxes sails like single fin, maybe tad slower, but is smoother in turns
    2. In quad mode and fins in middle of boxes stonks upwind, sits lower in water and more comfortable in strong winds that tri. Moving big back fins to front of box maybe loses a little upwin performance and tightens turns
    Conclusion - unless in B&J leave as quad with middle fins foreward (yet to try twin set-up)

    1. 29cm single fin is too big
    2. 25cm single fin is ok
    3. 25cm + 2x12 is like (2) but planes earlier and keeps plaing is light winds, Same top-end I I don't understand how.
    4. 21.5 +2x12 gets planing as early as 25 +2x12.
    4. Board is slower than expected in any configuration
    5. with 1x18 and 2x12 handles down to 4.7m well powered (Rhosneigr)
    Conclusion - use 21.5 +2x12 with 6m and replace central fin with 18cm for smaller sails.
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    What size and year is yur Fanatic Triwave?
    Kode Wave 82 (2014), Fanatic Triwave 89 (2017), F2 Rebel 75 (2009), F2 Guerilla 84 (2007), Skate 108, powered by Severne S-1 and S-1 Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by domwave View Post
    What size and year is yur Fanatic Triwave?
    2015 and 95l

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    This is a really good idea for a thread – for people to say what they find with their own kit.

    But please add your board size (usually in litres for wave boards) and then mention your weight in kilos.
    It's probably also important to mention sail sizes used, as fin size relates to body weight and sail size used.

    For example, I'd say a 29cms single fin is too big for any wave board – unless you are using a 6m sail.

    Also, most people only wave sail with sails of 5.8 or less, and it's therefore odd to find a multi fin board used with a 6m sail except in single fin mode.
    I have some kit for sale, to make space. Nuevo 86 2014, £490, Nuevo 73 2013 £550, Severne Blade 2015 5.0 and 3.7. All VGC or little used. Don't use private message system as I don't get messages via here – contact via the weather thread!

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    Interesting, I should've done something similar years ago...

    Trying to use the same format as you have

    My weight: 78 kgs, decent wave sailor, more experienced than really good. J Over 30 years windsurfing, 20 or so in waves.

    My multifin board experience (mainly own boards, a couple of long term rentals):
    RRD Twin 90 and 82 (twin only)
    Tabou DC 79 (twin only) and DC 91 (quad, slot box)
    Fanatic Twin 93 and Quad 75 (us and slot box)
    Simmer Quantum 85, Fly 85, Freegal 100, Frugal 88 (all five slot boxes)
    Quatro LS Quad 85, KT quad 83 (four US boxes)
    Simmer Hoogal 84 (custom, five slot boxes)
    Flikka Custom Proto 95, Core 83 (both five slot boxes)

    Fins that I have used:
    A range of K4 fins, mainly the original Flex but also a couple of Stubbys in twin, quad and tri modes
    MFC KS twin 16, LS twin 16, VF twin 16 and some other
    Tabou Zinger fins, quad only
    Makani fins, mainly Walu and Walu 2 in quad, twin and tri mode
    Simmer BlackTip and Mission fins in quad and twin mode
    BlackProject Epic (?) fins, quad and twin
    Flikka custom fins in quad and tri mode (with assy front fins)

    Fin sizes that I have used are mainly:
    16 and 17 for twin (but also 15 in more wind)
    14, 14.5 and 15 rears with 10 or 11 fronts for quad
    14 fronts with 11 rears as “big fins up front” for quads
    16, 17 and 18 rears with 10 or 11 (recently assy) fronts as tri

    Findings (which will be more generic based on the boards above, but hopefully still of some use)

    Twin (my favourite size are 16 for 83-85 litre boards and 17 for 95-100)
    1. My first multi-fin experience, which I still rate quite highly.
    2. Fairly fin sensitive. To small fins with not enough drive can make a twin feel very slow to get going and a pain to sail upwind. Requires some pressure in the sail to deliver. Much prefer the feeling of fairly fast and drivey twins for decent upwind performance combined with good speed. I like them thin in G10 with a fairly flexy top. A board that can feel a bit dull as a quad when it comes to speed can really come alive as a twin. In smaller waves and cross-on to side conditions it is still a lot of fun.
    3. Position sensitive. Sliding a couple of twin fins back or forth in the boxes will change performance, in some boards quite a lot. I normally like them a bit back for speed and drive, but sometimes have them all the way forward for fun wave riding in lighter winds.
    4. Fairly size sensitive, but you can get away with a set that is on the small or big size quite easily. Don’t go to small or to big though.
    5. One good set goes a long way, I’ve only used smaller fins when it gets really windy (3.7) or bigger in very light winds (5.3 or, mainly, 5.7)
    6. Lacks grip in the top turn. Can be very fun, slashy turns!, but also a bit frustrating in better waves.
    7. Some boards does not work well as twin fins, mainly due to fin box position(s). My experience is that compact shapes with a fairly fat tail works really well as twin fins (Simmer Freegal and Frugal, the custom Hoogal 84).
    8. Maybe the fin setup that is easiest to enter and adjust the turn with when wave sailing.
    9. Does not respond well to back foot pressure
    10. Quite OK even on flat water

    Quad (mainly sailed as 14.5r with 11f, also 15r with 10f)
    1. Quad adds control with plenty of drive in the turn on almost any board.
    2. I like my quad fins thin and not to stiff
    3. Not that fin sensitive, but if you get it wrong it feels very wrong. Can feel a bit like you’ve forgotten the hand brake at times.
    4. Big range. When you’ve found the right sized fins and position, most tend to leave them there for good reason since it just works. A bit of the lazy man’s multi-fin.
    5. Fin position can alter the feeling and performance quite significantly. I tend to run the fin cluster fairly tight between the front and rear fins.
    6. In the right board with the right fins, they can still be plenty fast.
    7. When it is proper windy with more solid waves, I like using quads since they are so dependable and quite often calm things down.
    8. Goes upwind really well in most boards (unless it has more rocker and very soft rails)
    9. Responds well to more back foot pressure
    10. Not for flat water.

    Quad with big fins up front (almost only used 14 or 14.5 fronts with 11 rears)
    1. More different from a normal quad setup than one might think
    2. Feels a bit strange when sailing in a straight line, does not track that well
    3. Quite fin sensitive, the (few) options I’ve tried outside of the 14/14.5f with 11r did not work at all for me
    4. Ok speed but slower than trad quad I’d say, still fine upwind
    5. When right, it gives plenty of drive out of the bottom turn and very good grip in the top turn
    6. More easy to adapt the turn than with a quad, but not as easy as with the twin
    7. I have tried this about 8-10 times, but never really gotten it to work. I think that maybe my wave riding is not ‘surfy’ enough to unlock the potential of this set-up
    8. Certainly not for flat water

    Tri-fin (the combo I use that works for me is 16 or 17 rears with 11 assy fronts)
    1. The latest multi-fin setup that I have finally gotten to work for me. Have tried it every now and then for almost five years without much success.
    2. Very fin sensitive. It kind of either works or does not work. I tried some different configurations that just did not work. Either I had a back fin not intended for the job, or my front fins where not right. It either was to stiff or to slippery or just plain slow.
    3. I personally much prefer going on the ‘small’ side with a maximum of 17 or 18 rear fins. Otherwise, it feels much too stiff for me to be used in waves. I have used the 17r with 11f combo with a 5.7 in dead onshore without any problems at all.
    4. Also sensitive to fin position. When right, it is the best combo of speed, upwind performance and drive in the turns that I have found. I really like it now.
    5. Feels very natural and easy to sail, which maybe is why it is so common in freewave boards.
    6. Speed and upwind is good or very good.
    7. Good range in one set. Maybe go for smaller rear when it gets seriously windy. Personally, I will most likely change to a quad setup by then (assuming a five box board)
    8. Can be a bit handful when it really gets windy since the board can start flying a bit more out of the water.
    9. For small to mid-sized waves on “normal” wave boards, this is now my preferred choice
    10. Perfectly fine on flat water. To me, a tri-fin with 17r and 11f feels about as fast as a 21-23 cm single fin board.

    All of this is personal observations. I think that I have learned a lot from trying different fins and fin setups and it has allowed me to be able to adapt my style and sailing better to both conditions and different boards.
    Rig - Simmer vMax 7.2, Enduro 5.9, Black Tips 5.3 - 3.7, Tricera 5.0, HSM FL 5.7
    Boards - Simmer Hoogal 84 (custom), Simmer Freegal 100, Flikka 95 (proto), and 83 (tweaked Core line), Fanatic Blast 115

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    Dr masse - loads of experience there. If you had all the boards and fins when woukd you use twin, tri, quad and with what sails

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maker View Post
    Dr masse - loads of experience there. If you had all the boards and fins when woukd you use twin, tri, quad and with what sails
    Hmm, not sure I get your question... do you mean what my favourites would be for certain type of conditions?
    Rig - Simmer vMax 7.2, Enduro 5.9, Black Tips 5.3 - 3.7, Tricera 5.0, HSM FL 5.7
    Boards - Simmer Hoogal 84 (custom), Simmer Freegal 100, Flikka 95 (proto), and 83 (tweaked Core line), Fanatic Blast 115

    Moderates, wind and wave community in Sweden

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