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    2016 Kodewave 88 Wood

    I have just brought home an unused wood version which will replace my 2015 carbon 87. Together with an identically shaped 2014 wood 87 that I keep in Pozo I have probably used the kodewave 87 more than a hundred times. Conditions have mostly been pretty crap, and for this they have worked well. Very early planing, fast and comfortable but just a little stiff on the wave for my sub 80 kilos.

    I am only half familar with the many terms to describe board shapes and how they may relate to performance. Measuring or even just comparing two boards lying side by side is not trivial. And making conjectures about how several small changes may combine to influence performance is even harder.

    If anything, I believe that the rocker flat or tendency to flatness between the straps is reduced on the new board. There also seem to be a bit more tail kick. Furthermore the rails feel sharper and with slightly less "tucked under" from the tail and up to the front straps. I have read that the V has been brought further back but can not confirm that. Both versions have plenty of V further forwards anyway.

    I doubt that the new board will feel bigger than the old. Maximum width is the same at 60,5. The old board sailed big for 87 liters and I guess Starboard has quoted the new board as one litre bigger to communicate that this kind of board floats well and planes early.

    If anything I believe that the new board will plane a tad slower than the old without that being any problem at all since the old is almost as efficient as a freewave. I also belive, or hope, it will turn better and give better grip although the old board also turns well with good technique. Although the difference is small the rails seem a bit less voluminous than on the old board. Together with the added sharpness I suspect it will take less effort to put the board on its rail and keep it there. And with the added tail kick and reduced rocker flat between the straps I guess it will allow for more vertical hits.

    The 83 litre tested very favourably in German Surf as the perfect board for crappy onshore waveriding and I really look forward to try my new 88 litre version. It will be interesing to see how much, if any, efficency I will have to give up and how big an improvement I will gain in the turning department.

    I have mostly used my 87 with the stock upright 17 fins. I also tried once or twice with Drake Natural Wave 150 but they felt small. I suspect that very small fins work poorly in very slow waves even if there is a lot of wind. Although the stock fins have mostly worked great, I have added a pair of Drake Twin Surf 160 that looks to have 50 percent more surface area than the small Natural Waves and also significantly more than the stock fins. Perhaps the 150 version would be better if I want to stretch the boards range of use to slightly bigger or faster waves.

    2016 is of course soo last year and I will probably not even get the board wet until april so I do not exactly expect this thread to take off like rocket. But writers must write.
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